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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mom's Balancing Act

Blog Challenge for Monday ... A day late by the way.

Something you are struggling with.

Story of My Life Blog - Blog Every Day in May Challenge

I think my biggest struggle right now is balancing it all.
This isn't  an uncommon place as a mother to be.
There are so many parts of me. I can try to compartmentalize
motherhood but it would be impossible. I am many titles and
with in those titles, I'm just me.

I enjoy all that I do, all that I am but balancing it, now that is
something that keeps me up at night, Literally.  I'm not sure
how I get it all done. When I look at it or try to list it all I'm
suddenly amazed at myself. How do I do it? Where did this all
come from? Who would have ever thought this would be
my life. I'm not complaining at all mind you. I love every
minute of every moment in my life.  In the morning
when I wake up and see the To do list. I wonder how but
somehow at the dawn of the day I have most of it checked
off. Not all but most.

Being a mom has its challenges. If you are one then
you know the ups and downs of potty training and trying
to keep the mess at a low murmur when the kids are running
around. Figuring out each child's needs when they can be so
different. It's such a complex intricate weaving of lives.

Then there is the ministry me. The part that goes out and
tries to spread Gods word. That person who plans and establishes
herself within the walls of the church and outside of it too.

There's that part of me that has to balance a relationship. Give it time
and nurture its growth even when I feel like I have nothing left.
 I find that spot that just makes it spiral through its own
living organism of love and laughter.

On top of that there is me with my interests and college courses.
All that I am all that I will be. Its a balance that words can not

How do you balance it all???

Warm Blessings,



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