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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Lessons By Little Old Me.

Lessons of Life that I didn't Learn in School.

31 Day Blog Challenge Things Life Told Me

When I was little God Told me to trust in Him.
I didn't listen. He told me again later on in my teen
years. I didn't listen. He told me again as I grew older
I didn't listen. Then he told me again closer to my age
now and I realized I need to listen. Things went much
easier after that. Follow your heart and Trust in the Lord.
I also learned I'm a little hard headed.

I Learned to Breathe in Life because it goes all to
fast. Your little ones go off to college before you know it.
If you aren't paying attention and you blink its all gone.
Life has a way of slipping through your hands if you aren't
watching and paying attention to it.

The toilet roll only changes if Mom does it.
There are just some things that I do and I might as
well get over being mad about it. God placed me here
to be a keeper of the home and if doing that one thing or
the thousandth thing ministers to my families heart will
then I guess I got the TP. No worries.

There are some people that just anger easy and I can't
control how they are feeling. So I can sit on it all night
and day, feeling upset. But that isn't going to help a thing. I've
learned that it's best to let it go. To allow that person to feel their
way out of their mood and then forgive them when they come.
While they do that though I get to smile and laugh continuing
life. Their frustration does not have to be mine.

I Learned that I love to homeschool my children. Despite what
others comment. I get to spend time day in and out with my children.
You might think that is horrible but I promise you it isn't. I have been
given so many gifts and they have received many as well. I know
where they are , who they are with, what they are hearing, and what they
are learning. I get to share that experience with them and help
them grow in faith and love. Because one thing I know is that
family is important.

And that's the one I'll leave you with. I learned that family is
so important. Life is so much easier if you can be close to those
that have been a part of your life since birth. Moments mean
so much more if you have someone to share it with.

Warm Blessings,



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