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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go

                 Wow , I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the last day of the blog every day in May challenge. This month has gone by so quickly. Our summer break is right there in front of us for the taking. We have worked so hard this year with our School time. It will be so nice to take an informal approach to our days. I can hardly wait to see what we will get into as the days warm up. It's the time when we get to "Let it all go". We get to put aside long study days, Concentrating on our work and spending hours on end working through our lessons. Maybe the break is more for me. The kids don't work hours on end but when you have multiple grade levels that vary greatly, well it becomes a long day of schooling. I can look back on our school days and know that we did the best that we could. We challenged ourselves. I can think about what worked well and what didn't but in the end. I will let it all go and enjoy the summer months. I always let it hang on me and it feels like the school year just goes on and one. I don't enjoy myself that way. Yes, I still will do some planning and organizing as usual but I'm going to let the year that went by be just that gone and in the past. We will move forward from our last day and begin to create new memories. I love the newness of that. The beginning and the end. The feeling of starting fresh. That is what we are going to do start fresh and enjoy our summer. We have had so much upheaval the last few years that , that was not possible. I'm ready to just be with my kids. I want them to say at the end of that time. Guess what we did this summer!!!

                                                                                 Warm Blessings,


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