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Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Miss... When a daughter Grows up.


What do you miss?

I miss my oldest daughter. She has been so busy with College and
working two jobs. I miss our fun times and laughs in the middle
of the grocery store. I miss her smile. It  always is lifting up the family.
I miss her style and advice when I get dressed in the morning.
I miss her whenever things feel tense. She has a way of lightening
that feeling. I miss hearing her sister and her giggling in the other
room . I miss the smells of all that coconut  when she is done
getting ready in the morning. I miss the freedom I had as her mom
to see her everyday. I miss hearing the click of her camera every so often.
I miss her mess and her stuff and her fluffy pillows. I miss that little
girl giggle and my ballerina dance star. Where has the time gone??

But I am grateful she has grown up to be such a strong young
women.  I am so proud of who she has become.


Happy Mothers Day
Realize what you have and hold it so close to
your heart that you can one day remember what you miss,



  1. My son is 13 and I miss his younger years! Love this post!


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