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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Homeschooling Advice

Day 8 of the 31 day Blog challenge. If you'd like to join in jump
right in. I'm really enjoying it. We are always so busy in May
and having my blog plan figured out for me and simple chats
has made my life pretty easy. Hop on in its fun!!

Story of My Life Blog - Blog Every Day in May Challenge

A piece of Advice you have to share to others...

My Homeschool advice

- If you have a child struggling in school then you can school them
at home. I'm often told its to hard . I could never do it. My kids won't
learn from me but they will . If you show strength and love they will
learn and love it at the same time. You have taught them to
do everything else why do you suddenly think you can't do this
too. You can do it.

- You can't cover everything. Don't push to hard that your kids
end up having a homeschool that looks like your local district.
That's now what homeschooling can be. So everything you were
taught about education, you probably will need to study and relearn.
Don't get overwhelmed by it all . You value and belief system will
shine through as you go along. You will learn as your kids learn.

-The curriculum isn't the education. You don't have to follow any
curriculum to a T. This is your child's education and you know them
best. You can skip around. You can add in things. Its all up to you.

- Be an organized planner or don't. Basically I'm saying that you
will figure out your style. Don't stick to one way. I think every year
our school days look different. Figure out what works as your children
and for you. Planning can be done one year in advance or one week in
advance. Perhaps even day to day. You know what works as long as
your children are learning does it really matter how it gets done.

- Keep God at your center. Just like anything else In your life
God should be the center to your school. Don't forget to pray together.
Pray over your year, Your plans, your curriculum, your children,
and their hearts. I'm sure that's a lot more you can pray for just pray.

- Don't get involved in to many activities. There are so many opportunities
out there for homeschoolers that we can become to busy. Sometimes
I think parents hear that inner voice nagging because so many voice it...
"But what about socialization". We all speak that it doesn't matter but it
can needle at you. So we work to "prove " (maybe unintentionally)
that  they are social.  Its not necessary folks. Your kids get plenty of
interaction. Social time does not need to be forced . It will happen.
You aren't needing that  kind of social anyway I promise.  Choose
wisely your year depends on it.

- Smell the roses. Most importantly enjoy your children. Take your time
with them in patience and love. Give them a chance to figure things
out for themselves. Breath in. They will learn it when they are ready
to learn it. You don't have to stick yourself to societies standards.
Life will come as is does and on its own time.

Warm Blessings,



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