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Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Random 5

1. Went for our first walk at the lake. In this picture the kids are taking in the
view of the water with dad. We had a fun time walking , looking for signs of
Spring and Skipping Rocks. We usually take one walk a week with the family
if we have time.

2. On our walk we saw our first monarch butterfly. I so miss seeing
them on our butterfly bush where we used to live. Maybe we
will have to plant a butterfly bush here. I have been secretly wanting to
do a special butterfly activity with the kids for years. Maybe this will
be the one where I follow through with it.

3. My girls this week were on a sister theme. Princess took the
time to paint Sweet peas toe nails. Then Heart called Princess
and they went out shopping. For the first time I might add. We
haven't left them go running around together because of the worry
of heart being a new driver but this was the day. It's been a long
time coming and the girls were so excited

4. This is a picture of me. I don't normally like to share me.
This week I had a terrible stomach virus along with the family.
It has been nasty. It feels like it is hovering over our house.
Yuck. But I seem to be feeling a bit better today. I don't want
to say that to loud since it keeps coming back at me.

5. I'm working on a weight loss plan. It has been a long time coming
so this can be my before photo. I wanted to feel it out a little
before I made a big announcement but perhaps I will be more
accountable by sharing this . So pray for me I'll need all the strength
I can get.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Love the picture of your walk! Good luck on the weight loss - I need to get back to my daily exercise. I felt so good, but then life gets busy and poof! ugh.

  2. I love the view on your walk! Glad to hear of the fun sister time together!

  3. Beautiful pictures, including the one of you!

  4. The pictures are really beautiful. Love especially that first one.


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