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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Moment in my Day... Our New Shed

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A Moment in our day....

This week we finally got our shed. We needed one so bad.
There is no where to put outdoor items at this home. It
became a fun activity for the family. The kids were so excited. Sweet pea actually sat with her sweater on by the
screen door waiting for its arrival. When it came she yelled
"Mommy our barn is here"

It does sort of look like a barn.

Kids say the cutest things sometimes. We sat anxiously
awaiting it to be set down.
It pulled past our driveway and
began to back in and
adjust itself and back and
adjust again. Then suddenly
it just stopped. The engine
was revved. Still no movement.

The truck was stuck across the
road with an air leak.

The driver called who he needed to call and let us know that he could unload
the shed awhile . He coned off the road and set to work. 

To the kids amazement the truck lifted up and the shed looked like it
might just slide right off of there but of course it didn't.

He slipped some wheels onto the raised side of the shed and then
hooked up the horse. This is what they called it. I'm sure it has a more
technical name.

While the man was busy the little ones ran by the horse for a picture.

Sitting it into place.

Daddy and Pap working to move the wheels to the truck.

The shed is in and the kids are in the shed.

Fun!!! This took a big chunk of our day. The truck was still in
front of our house for sometime before some came to fix it.

Warm Blessings,



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