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Friday, May 31, 2013

Random 5

1. Memorial day weekend wasn't what I had hoped it would be. No one
made plans and at the last minute we decided to have a picnic here at our
house. Since it was last minute it ended up being my parents and us. It also
was to chilly to sit out on the porch. Every year we typically go to Caledonia
state park but since we would have to travel through Gettysburg and they were
having a big celebration, we thought it best to stay this direction.  Not the big
bang start I wanted to the beginning of Summer.


2. Even through the temps were rather chilly we did manage to go to the
playground for our first session for the year. The kids had a great time.
Spirit had on his funny sweatshirt. The other kids giggled and chased him
around saying he was a monster. Soon they were playing a good guys
bad guys game. I'm not sure of the rules but there were about 25 kids playing.

3. Later in the week it got really hot so hot we got out our air conditioner.
Its supposed to be cool next week. Go figure.

4.  We have an art show to night for Superboy  This is his first and he
is so excited to be able to share his art with everyone. 

5. This is my spring bulletin board at church. I finally got a picture of
it . Now I have to think of a summer one.

Warm Blessings,


My favorite memories when I was a child was going to the
beach with my family. My cousins, grandparents and my immediate
family would go and take up 3 hotel rooms, usually preplanned beside one
another. This was the best time for me. I have so many fond memories of
playing in the ocean with my brother and cousins. I remember walking the
boardwalk at night eating Thrashers French fries. All of those  memories
contain my grandpa who passed on a few years ago. I remember him so strong
and courageous. He used to go out past the break and then swim back and forth.
I was in awe at 7 at how well he could swim and what bravery it took for him to do
that. I also knew he was human. We went on the big pirate ship ride. I was so afraid
during that ride. He worried about me so much that he became physically ill
after the ride was over, All the while my brother and I played on the porch laughing as
if it had never happened. Summer reminds me of family vacations and that time we
had with my extended family. I wish my kids had more of that but my cousins don't
include my family. It is sad really. Still I hope to help them create memories for
them that they can look back on one day and smile.

Warm Blessings,


It is the last day of the 31 day blog challenge. !!!!!
31 day Blog challenge
Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go

                 Wow , I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the last day of the blog every day in May challenge. This month has gone by so quickly. Our summer break is right there in front of us for the taking. We have worked so hard this year with our School time. It will be so nice to take an informal approach to our days. I can hardly wait to see what we will get into as the days warm up. It's the time when we get to "Let it all go". We get to put aside long study days, Concentrating on our work and spending hours on end working through our lessons. Maybe the break is more for me. The kids don't work hours on end but when you have multiple grade levels that vary greatly, well it becomes a long day of schooling. I can look back on our school days and know that we did the best that we could. We challenged ourselves. I can think about what worked well and what didn't but in the end. I will let it all go and enjoy the summer months. I always let it hang on me and it feels like the school year just goes on and one. I don't enjoy myself that way. Yes, I still will do some planning and organizing as usual but I'm going to let the year that went by be just that gone and in the past. We will move forward from our last day and begin to create new memories. I love the newness of that. The beginning and the end. The feeling of starting fresh. That is what we are going to do start fresh and enjoy our summer. We have had so much upheaval the last few years that , that was not possible. I'm ready to just be with my kids. I want them to say at the end of that time. Guess what we did this summer!!!

                                                                                 Warm Blessings,
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Kids Songs

31 Day Blog Challenge

Today Challenge is to share my Top five Favorite music.

Over the years I have listened to a genre of different types of
music. I'm not sure I could pinpoint just 5. So I decided to share
my top 5 favorite songs to listen to with my little ones.

As you can Tell Greg and Steve has me. I love doing the
the Three pigs blues, ABC Rock, Number rock and Bear hunt
songs. The very last song is from the Bean Bag Cd I often talk about.
That group of vides made on you tube has many other tot wiggle
songs available. Those are the kids I like. The ones that move
while learning.

Warm Blessings,


A Day at the Park

31 Day Blog Challenge   May 28 - Only Pictures

Simplified Pantry


I was given for Review from Simplified Pantry three E-books
and Simplified Dinners in coordination with the

Simplified Dinners E-book - $12.99
Simplified Dinners Gluten/Dairy Free E-book- $12.99
Paperless Home organization E-book- $3.99

 photo book_cover_zpsea3c0ac1.jpg

The E-book that caught my eye right away was the Paperless Home
organization. I admit to not liking to cook very often. For many years
now I have had a home management binder. It has taken many forms
as the years have gone by. I started out with cute and spent hours putting it
together. It housed my daily plans, my chore lists, grocery list, menu
plans, recipes, contact numbers , financial, Calendar and address book. At
the time we lived in a small apartment so sitting this large binder out on the
counter didn't work very well. It was always rather clumsy. I would close it
and keep it with my cookbooks but then I was always having to pull it out and
recheck things. Most of the time it took up space on our kitchen table.

 Later I created a homeschool binder for all of our schooling needs.
This one had our school calendar, planners, my notes on each child as the
year progressed, attendance and whatever else I might need.  So now I have two
bulky binders and this one was hard to keep around as well. I ended up most of
The time pulling my plans from the binder since we just didn't have space for it
on the table with all of our other books and belongings.

 As time went on The home binder became more of a resource. I left
behind on my cookbook shelf the recipes, menu plans, contact, financial and
address book. I still use it as a resource but not as often.  I pulled out the daily
to do list . The chores list doesn't exist anymore. Over the years I have
learned a schedule that works for me.  So I don't need it written
out any more.  I ended up instead with a clipboard that keeps my To do
list, our homeschool schedules and other papers I need at my finger tips
for our daily school for that particular week.

I also no longer have the Calendar in my binder. Our Calendar became a
small day planner. This one sits by my laptop and or goes with me
in my purse when needed. My address book soon left the kitchen binder
and went to my Day planner. It also houses passwords and other
internet links that I don't want to lose. So after all that you can see I'm
a paper girl. I should say that when I read I liked to read a book.
Hold it in my had and have it right with me. At Christmas time last
year my mom got me a Kindle. I wasn't sure I would like it but it has
found a place in my heart. So I thought I'd try this paperless idea.

In the E-book she suggested several apps and programs to get you
to that paperless route. There were some things that just wouldn't
work for me. For one was the Calendar that was suggested. Mine
is so full of things that it might take me a month or more to move it
all. Perhaps this summer I'll give it a try  but the other issue
with it for me is that I don't really have a I-pad or anything I can carry
when I'm out . I do have my kindle but its an older version and most
apps don't work well on it. I just use it to read. Plus if I went to a
church meeting or other place I needed my Calendar I'd have to bring
my laptop with me for dates. Our church has a wireless connection
but it isn't shared with the congregation. So that was an issue since
I count on it on a regular basis. So I decided to keep the paper
day planner for now. I seriously have my eyes on that Kindle fire
so paperless might be in my future in this particular area.

The App I really liked was the one that would keep my task for
my daily routine. That one I loved!! I usually used my computer
post it notes to write my to do list or a scratch piece of paper that
often got lost. This program had tabs too so I could organize my
school to dos, my home to dos and my church to do. I love that.
No more clutter on my clipboard.

Now the other suggestion was Evernote . In the E-book you are taken
step by step through the process of setting up each app but this one
I had trouble with. I think I like it but I'm still learning to use it on a
regular basis. I see how it can be a great tool to house everything in I'm
just not that good at using it. So for now I have my binders and clipboard
but want to keep fiddling with evernote because it looks very intriguing
to me. I know soon enough I will be completely paperless. Its just a
work in progress until I learn and load all of my home information.
Seriously it took me years to built I can't just snap my fingers and its
in the computer. I do think once I get it set up that it will be a good
resource for me. My laptop is usually in  my dining area.

If you are looking to go Paperless I'd give this E-book a try.

 photo sp_gfdf_sidebar_lg_zpsbf28c2f7.gif

 photo sp_sidebar_lg_zps684e1145.gif

I also was able to review Simplified Dinners Gluten/Dairy Free
and Simplified Dinners. Now we aren't a Gluten/Dairy free family.
But the recipes with in the E-book look like something I'd try.
I thought about getting this one for a friend of mine as a gift.
I'd love to see Misty make a Wheat Free E-Book for our family
. Perhaps in the future. Having a special needs diet can be tricky
I know we have the wheat issue here, Low sodium and no sugar.
What I liked about this E-book and why I'd love to have one
for one of our needs is that the recipes are common things that
everyday people eat. Most of the time you get a cookbook that
Over half of the recipes your children will never eat. These
recipes are all common everyday foods and that I love.

We did get to try a few of the Simplified Dinners. Some of
the recipes I already do with my family. We did try this
ham, bacon and egg casserole. The kids loved it there was
nothing left and it didn't take very long to make. We also
tried doing a potato bar one evening with all of the suggestions
from the E-book. The kids loved that too. I hope to try more
of these over the summer months. The recipes are quick and
easy and things my children would eat. Both pluses with
with busy homeschool families.

As an wonderful gift  the author of these  e-books, is offering a coupon
code exclusively for readers of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for
30% any of her e-books books! To take advantage of this
offer use the code TOS2013 at checkout.

Warm Blessings,

 photo DisclaimerGraphic1_zpsf612f371.gif
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

               Thank you so much to those of you that read my little space on the web.  I appreciate all of you that come to visit and those of you that like to leave messages. This blog space means so much to me. It has become many things. It's really a statement of who I am.  It's a place where I can share our school and talk parenting as open as I can. Please feel free to share with your homeschool co-op's and friends anything that I have here that you would like to try with your families. I want my page to be  a resource to you as well as a family diary for myself. One day I  hope for my children to find my words helpful to them. They will be able to hear and see my heart over the years.

Warm Blessings,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something I read Online

31 blog every day Challenge

Sheew we are getting close to the end of May, and our challenge.
I have really enjoyed spending 31 days talking about me for a
change and blogging about it. I don't normally talk about myself.
It was a nice change. It has taught  me a lot about blogging.
Soon through we will be back to our regular homeschool blogging.
Maybe it has been missed. :)

Today My Challenge is to share an article I have
read online and start a discussion.

The homeschool loop I'm on, on facebook sent this through
this week a summer book club you can do at home.
Exodus Books This book club has a fee of $5.

Have any of you ever tried their book club?? Is it worth it??
It got me to thinking about what we are going to do this summer?
We don't plan to take a big trip or spend a ton of money so I really
have to find things to do that everyone will enjoy.

What are you doing that doesn't cost a whole lot but
will keep your kids busy??

Warm Blessings,


I in no way was compensated for sharing this link. It just
looked interesting to me. I get nothing from it. :)
Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little Lady Bug

Lady Bug Lady Bug
Fly Away Home.

Little Princess and I decided to get a little crafty. It's been awhile
since we had time to make anything. I decided on these lady
bugs. They are very simple to make. All you need is construction
paper black and red, black pipe cleaners , glue , tape, chalk,
hole punch and black paint we used the daubers.

Fold you black paper long ways and cut it down the middle.

Now you have two pieces so you can make two lady bugs.

Roll you paper like a paper chain and tape them.

Cut a round circle for the head.

Glue on Wiggle eyes and add chalk smile.

Then punch two holes with your hole puncher.

Cut a black pipe cleaner in half and put it in the holes twist.
These are the antenna.

Glue the head to the round black tube you mad.

Cut a large round circle from red paper and cut it in half
for two wings.

Allow little ones to put on painted spots.

Allow to dry and then glue to your lady bug.

Warm Blessings,


Weekly Finds

The Homeschool Classrom

The Homeschool Classroom gives us a little
lesson on
Patriotic Music . Learn about Aaron Copeland,
The Star Spangled banner and John Philip Sousa -The
March King.

Need something to keep your little ones busy?
Made by Joel has a cute printable circus that you
children can print out , color and play with.

Need a rainy day project, art lesson or summer
boredom buster. Check out this activity from
the smART Class. I love these tie dye coffee
filters turned into a creative project. You have
to go peek at all that creativity.

A friend sent me the next two so I can't take
credit for the find. neoK12 a site full of educational
videos, activities and games for just about every
subject that you might be studying.

Hippo Campus- Various videos and
presentation for many subjects. I love this
resource. Saving it for future lessons.

Warm Blessings,


Something Someone Told you...

Blog Challenge today. Some things someone told you
about yourself.  I decided since this is a homeschool blog
and I have sort of enjoyed all month talking about myself that
perhaps it was time to get back into the homeschool discussions.

So Instead of Something someone told me about myself.
How about if I tell you Something someone told me about
  Way back when , before we began to home
educate. I had a daughter who struggled in preschool. I knew she
struggled but I went ahead and moved her to Kindergarten thinking
that she would catch up. That was wrong thinking. So very wrong.
She did not catch up. I had only made things worse by pushing her
along just because of her age. Why we do that I don't know.

During that time I expressed my concern to my dear friend , whom
I have been friends with for years. She sat me down and said.
why don't you homeschool her. I thought about this. This concept of
homeschool and pondered it for sometime. The thought had
crossed my mind but I had doubts like many mothers do . She
said  I have faith in you, I know you can do it. I took her influence
and dug right in. I have never regretted homeschooling.  Many
people said I couldn't . That it would be to hard but this one friend
was always there for me. She didn't tell me how to do it or what to do.
She just introduced me to that world. She sent me to an information
session and I soon joined her co-op. Before I knew it I was
homeschooling and homeschooling happily since.

The great thing is she knew she didn't have to convince me or push
me. She knew that homeschooling spoke for itself. Sometimes
it's the words you don't say. So moms out there that Homeschool
remember that when someone comes for your help. Encourage,
Introduce and be supportive. That's what friends are for after all.

Warm Blessings,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Random 5

1. My daughter Heart just finished her Second year of College.
She has two more years to go. Yeah !! I'm so proud of her. 

2.  This week we cleaned off our porch. It has been piled with boxes
and tools for about a year. Sad but true. The other week I /we got
our storage shed in place so now  we were able to fill it. I was so
excited about the porch being clear. I have been so excited to sit out
there and relax. My mom brought over patio chairs and this little
angel to help us decorate. My daughter is having a candle party
soon so I might just have to get some hanging candles too. 

3. We also have a table for our porch but it didn't have chairs with it.
So I used our old kitchen chairs from our other house. I was just
going to sell them at yard sale but I think they worked perfectly.
Now I just need a table cloth that fits and we will be good. 

4. We are down to 19 days left of school. I am so ready. they are
so ready. Fun in the sun is on it's way.

5. I am interviewing this week for a nursery helper at our church. I am
excited to have help again and can't wait till they get started.
It has been rough trying to get volunteers .  To night is my last
interview so it won't be long.

Warm Blessings,


My Top Three Worst Traits

31 Day Blog Challenge

Three of my top 3 Worst Traits.

Oh boy do we have to go there. Let me just say that
you don't want to do what I just did which was ask your
family what your worst trait is. You soon become the topic
of discussion with lots of secret giggles.  I guess I should be
happy that they all came to one conclusion and not three.
Although my 15 year old says she knows she thought about
more but just can't think right now.  ha aha.

Well the consensus is that I talk to much. Imagine that little
old me talking to much. And apparently it happens most often
when I am upset with them. I was told I should just tell them
and let it go. Ouch I better work on that. I talk myself through
it I guess because I'm disappointed. I'll have to remember to talk
to myself or better yet to God.

Another bad trait I think is that I love sweets. You know it changed
somewhere along the way. I used to like salty foods but at a certain
point I knew I had to take salt from my diet as much as I could.
It took some time but when I did that after awhile when food was
salted it tasted really salty to me and I didn't like the food anymore.
Strange but true. Now I have the sweet issue. Perhaps I should take
out sugar and maybe the same things will happen. Hmm interesting
thought. Perhaps I will.

I'm used to being in charge and often take over. Being a leader can
be a good thing as long as you don't step on any ones toes.
At times I catch myself having to stop so that I'm not over
obnoxious. Oops...

Well these are my three worst. What are yours?

Warm Blessings,


Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith Book and Audio

 photo joyceherzog_zps3c5942dd.jpg

I was given for Review the

The book Price is $12.00 and
The 2 Audio cassettes are $14.00

 photo SteppingStonestoBiggerFaith_zps03941add.jpg

This book is a 37 week devotional based on scripture, written
for Children of all ages. It is geared toward early elementary
or younger. The reading is at a 2nd grade reading level.

The devotionals are easy to read and are about a page in length.
At the top of each page your child is given a scripture for the
week that they will learn by singing using the Cassettes.

The pictures are simple but endearing they remind me of an
old golden book I had when I was little about a little child that
was a help to her mommy and another with bible prayers.
My little one was drawn to the pictures and they became
the topic of conversation. 

The book is meant to be used as a family devotional time.
However I used it one on one with my little one. Her bothers
and sisters get much of my time with lessons so this was our
special time together. The overall goal is to concentrate on one
devotional topic per week since there are 40 devotions. There are
enough for one a week for a school year. You can also choose from
a list of related activities such as drawing, coping the verse, decorate
the verse and so on. There is a page devoted to these choices.

I love how the table of contents is broken down for you. You are
given the title of the article, the topic (God's love) ,  then the
scripture (Romans 5:8) and of course the page number. Looking
at it I think that it will be great later on as we finish the book to
come back to the ones that might be needed again . We can choose
by topic or verse depending on what is needed.

I used the book with my 3 year old soon to be 4. She
has gone through all of the little children's bible story
books and I was looking for something a little more for her.

The bible verses that go along with the devotional are
written in the King James version. You could easily use
another translation. Each devotional is relevant to the verse.

On the first day I would read the story aloud to her.
The second day I retold her the devotional again and then
put the lesson objective more into her own words. The third
day she would listen to the story on audio. The fourth day
we read the devotional again and did a picture discussion.
By Friday I allowed her to choose what we did sometimes she
would tell me the devotional!!  At this age I thought that was
rather impressive. Everyday we listened to the scripture  song.

The Stepping Stones audio come in Cassette form.
The devotional is read and then your child can learn
the bible verse with a song. The songs are sung by
children and are very simple . The words are  Just the words of
the bible verse. I loved this about it. When I taught Preschool we often
put bible verse to song and practiced those songs for a month
each until all the children could sing them.

I would have liked it better if the audio was on CD or a
downloadable version that I could put on my PC. We did happen
to have a player but I think many families have gone from those to
CD and may not have on available to them. It was also difficult if
she wanted to listen to it again to stop and rewind each time and find
the right place. It was distracting. Often times she would be done and
off playing before I could find it again . Otherwise thought we
through enjoyed the reading and music.

I would recommend the Stepping Stones devotional. My
plan is to continue with my little one until the book is complete
and then in the fall I thought we'd add her brother who will be
in second in the fall to our study time. (Right now he is working
on something else) I also thought my sweet pea would have time
to really get to know the songs and verse before her brother joined in.
It will be a good for her to do it again in the fall with her brother.
Little ones like the repetition of things.

Warm Blessings,



 photo DisclaimerGraphic1_zpsf612f371.gif
Thursday, May 23, 2013

SchoolHouse Library


I have been homeschooling for awhile, going on 9 years.
Shocking for me to know that too. Every year over the summer
I like to work on lesson plans. I'm always looking for that new
thing to keep my children engaged. As the years go it can become
more difficult to think of different things to do. I often feel I keep
copying my style but I want the kids to get more out of their learning
environment. Not just a one sided perspective.

I'd like to introduce to you  The Schoolhouse Library .
For a one time Fee of $25. you will have access to over 170+
E-books or Audio books . It's my understanding that it will
continue being added to over time.  Now That is a Great deal.
Here are some of the things you get.

Draw Write Now Sampler E-book

2 Study Guides from YWAM

2 Lapbooks form Journey through learning and one from
a Hands of a child.

Teaching Writing E-Book from Write Shop

15 Audio E-Books from my Audio School History and Literature

Map Trek Outline maps and Atlas of World History from
Knowledge Quest

Unit Studies

And so much more.

This is a  Deal!!! I will receive  access to the library for my
endorsement, However I would have shared it anyway because
It is a Great Deal. So many resources at such a good price.

Warm Blessings,


Life Lessons By Little Old Me.

Lessons of Life that I didn't Learn in School.

31 Day Blog Challenge Things Life Told Me

When I was little God Told me to trust in Him.
I didn't listen. He told me again later on in my teen
years. I didn't listen. He told me again as I grew older
I didn't listen. Then he told me again closer to my age
now and I realized I need to listen. Things went much
easier after that. Follow your heart and Trust in the Lord.
I also learned I'm a little hard headed.

I Learned to Breathe in Life because it goes all to
fast. Your little ones go off to college before you know it.
If you aren't paying attention and you blink its all gone.
Life has a way of slipping through your hands if you aren't
watching and paying attention to it.

The toilet roll only changes if Mom does it.
There are just some things that I do and I might as
well get over being mad about it. God placed me here
to be a keeper of the home and if doing that one thing or
the thousandth thing ministers to my families heart will
then I guess I got the TP. No worries.

There are some people that just anger easy and I can't
control how they are feeling. So I can sit on it all night
and day, feeling upset. But that isn't going to help a thing. I've
learned that it's best to let it go. To allow that person to feel their
way out of their mood and then forgive them when they come.
While they do that though I get to smile and laugh continuing
life. Their frustration does not have to be mine.

I Learned that I love to homeschool my children. Despite what
others comment. I get to spend time day in and out with my children.
You might think that is horrible but I promise you it isn't. I have been
given so many gifts and they have received many as well. I know
where they are , who they are with, what they are hearing, and what they
are learning. I get to share that experience with them and help
them grow in faith and love. Because one thing I know is that
family is important.

And that's the one I'll leave you with. I learned that family is
so important. Life is so much easier if you can be close to those
that have been a part of your life since birth. Moments mean
so much more if you have someone to share it with.

Warm Blessings,


"Lower Class"

31 Day Blog Challenge A Rant
Day 22 of the 31 day Blog challenge
Rant about something.
Get up on your soapbox and
tell us how you really feel.

It's really hard for me to rant about anything. I just
woke up for one so I'm rather sleepy but I just don' t typically
get involved in big political conversations or am one to be
a complainer out loud.  However I do get upset when I
hear people that were given everything in life complaining about
those who are one welfare. Yes, Yes, I know that there are some
that try to scam the system but lets face it not everyone is lazy
or scamming someone just because they are in need of  a hand up.
When you spout those things out in front of co- workers and friends
you really  might be hurting one of them. You think you know but
in reality more are in need of assistance then you may be aware.
It's really not something someone wants to talk about. They don't
walk around saying Hi, I'm on welfare. Yes I'm poor. Now that
I said that I know you are going to place me in a box in your mind.
No people don't want that. They don't want to be labeled.

This is something that has bothered me for a very long time.
It started when I was younger and I saw how people were
placed in neat little packages and labeled by their financial
and social status. It unnerved me way back in grade school
before it became a world view perspective. For some  people
things just fall in place (Yes some of you have worked very had
to get where you are)  but for others it isn't always so
easy. I was taught that God loved all people. It was hard to see
people being placed on lower level status. Why do we do this
to each other. Why do we generalize and think that each individual
can be categorized. I just don't think it is that simple.

I guess the term try walking a mile in someone else's shoes comes
into play here. You don't know their background or what they
have had to overcome. It may just be more than you can fathom.
Do you know what it's like to have to humble yourself and ask
for help? Do you know what it's like not to have clothes or enough
to eat? Do you know what it's like to sleep on the floor because
you have no bed to sleep in. It's their reality. Don't pretend you
know. Don't judge and place people in a box. It's not for you
to decide what one person should have done or another. We all
learn lessons in life. Perhaps this one is what they need to learn.
I guess what I'm asking is for you to be compassionate. Think about
the feelings of those who had to struggle through life and are working
hard to figure it all out. Don't judge that.

Warm Blessings,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Favorite Links

This is the part of the 31 day blog challenge where I get to
toot my own horn. Hee hee...



My favorite post are the ones on our Crafts that went with
learning about the Nativity. I plan to save these for future toddler
classes. They were so much fun.

Robinson Crusoe

This is one of our favorite projects. I love when we can
do activities with books. Finding ideas with chapter books
is often harder than finding things with picture books. So enjoy.

A is for Alligator

For the longest time this was my top most viewed blog post.
I think it was just the adorable costume. (wink) This photo
was used in a cutest kids contest. We were contacted by the
company setting up the contest. My little guy and I enjoyed
learning about the Letter A . He was a big costume guy at the

If you give a Moose a Muffin

The boys and I enjoyed making muffins along with the story.
I'm not sure if it was the blog post I enjoyed the most or the
actual activity. :)

Warm Blessings,


Mom's Balancing Act

Blog Challenge for Monday ... A day late by the way.

Something you are struggling with.

Story of My Life Blog - Blog Every Day in May Challenge

I think my biggest struggle right now is balancing it all.
This isn't  an uncommon place as a mother to be.
There are so many parts of me. I can try to compartmentalize
motherhood but it would be impossible. I am many titles and
with in those titles, I'm just me.

I enjoy all that I do, all that I am but balancing it, now that is
something that keeps me up at night, Literally.  I'm not sure
how I get it all done. When I look at it or try to list it all I'm
suddenly amazed at myself. How do I do it? Where did this all
come from? Who would have ever thought this would be
my life. I'm not complaining at all mind you. I love every
minute of every moment in my life.  In the morning
when I wake up and see the To do list. I wonder how but
somehow at the dawn of the day I have most of it checked
off. Not all but most.

Being a mom has its challenges. If you are one then
you know the ups and downs of potty training and trying
to keep the mess at a low murmur when the kids are running
around. Figuring out each child's needs when they can be so
different. It's such a complex intricate weaving of lives.

Then there is the ministry me. The part that goes out and
tries to spread Gods word. That person who plans and establishes
herself within the walls of the church and outside of it too.

There's that part of me that has to balance a relationship. Give it time
and nurture its growth even when I feel like I have nothing left.
 I find that spot that just makes it spiral through its own
living organism of love and laughter.

On top of that there is me with my interests and college courses.
All that I am all that I will be. Its a balance that words can not

How do you balance it all???

Warm Blessings,


My 5 Bloggity Love...

Hello everyone. Today I get to share with you my 5 favorite
blogs. Yes, yes, I admit I didn't quite make the blog
every day challenge. I am cheating a little and catching up
today. I have so many fun things going on here . Our school
session is coming to a close and Summer is on its way. I am
ready to relax just as much as the kids are ready.

My Very top favorite blog site is Good Morning Girls
I have been so blessed by this ministry. I have
enjoyed them so much that I started my own bible
Study Group with in the big world of GMG. I also volunteer
and help with the children's ministry part of the group.
This summer we are participating in the Anything
book study. If you are interested in joining in please
click the Good Morning Girls website and then request
an invite to our study group. Hopefully it will bless you
as much as it has me. I have become accountable for my
study time and that is what I love most about GMG.

My next Favorite Blog is A Holy Experience. The writer is the
author of the Book One thousand Gifts, Ann VosKamp. I
enjoy her poetic words of Grace and many of her study materials.
I have been participating in her Joy Dare. I'm a little behind in posting
my journal pages here but will catch up with it here in June when Our
31 days of blogging is over. Ann is such a blessings.

A Holy Experience

Then there is the Pioneer Women. Her site has everything
I could possibly want on it. I love reading all about her life
as a rancher, homeschool mom, photographer, author and Cook.
So many yummy recipes. She has two cook books on the Market
called the Pioneer Women Cooks and two children's books
about her Dog Charlie. Seriously you have to try one of her
recipes they are so amazingly good

Well I wouldn't be a homeschool if I didn't like
free homeschool deals. This site has been so amazing
at finding and directing me to many goodies for my kids.
If you are trying to save money as a homeschooler or are
just looking for some fun things to do this summer than you
might want to stop by Free Homeschool Deals

Free Homeschool Deals

My other favorite homeschool site is
Confessions of a Homeschooler . I have always been
a fan but recently found Erica on You tube as well. Love
her schoolroom by the way. I'll be taking a few tips from her.

Confessions of a Homeschooler

I hope you enjoy my top 5 Favorite bloggers. I could
seriously name at least 5 more.

Hugs to all,


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