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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekly Finds...

I hope this Saturday finds you all well. We are having a fun time
enjoying this weather and as I'm writing this I can smell the freshly cut
grass outside. The older kids are in and out , I hear the screen door banging.
The youngest of the bunch has been sleeping for a few hours now. I think
we really tired her out. We went to a community yard sale today and as we
were walking around she just broke down and cried. I took her to the car to
realize that she was just exhausted. I used to take the other kids everywhere
but my little Sweet pea gets tired a lot easier than the others.

So on with my Weekly finds. I do a lot of internet searching and
find lots of goodies on the web for homeschool and bible. I thought
that Saturdays might be a good day to share my finds with you.

Sometimes After a long week I like to sit down and quietly
listen to some comedians. I love Jeanne Robertson in
"Don't send your man to the Grocery Store" 

And I just found this guy. His name is Bob Smiley
Maybe this one won't be as funny to you as it is to me. I
work in our church nursery so I just had a chuckle over it.

In my search for homeschool goodies I came across the
Preschool Mom. I've known Valerie on the Blogs for awhile now but
didn't realize she started this little project. I'm loving the butterfly unit.
I am sure this project will grow. I'm looking to print some of her goodies
for next year. This Butterfly Unit looks amazing from Homeschool deals.

As a blogger I thought this was an interesting article from Kevin
and Amanda. How to See if your photos are being used on another site.
This might come in handy to for those who have teens using facebook
to make sure no one is using their images. I have read of a website
that takes teen girls photos and uses them as suggestive photos.
Modesty girls Modesty....

Lastly I found this new site that I want to explore more called
A Virtuous Women. I've been participating in her Spring Cleaning
bible study . There is a lot more there to explore.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Weekly Finds.

Warm Blessings,



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