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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Christian Parenting Handbook Launches TODAY!!! ( Get $400 Dollars in Free stuff and Other Giveaways like the IPod Mini!!!!)

It's time !!! It's finally Time for the Christian Parenting Handbook
Launch week!!! You can read my Review and see if this sounds
like something you might enjoy reading for your family. I highly
recommend this book. It's something that I think everyone should have
on their shelf and would be a great gift for new parents.

The Christian Parenting Handbook was co-authored by Dr. Scott Turansky
and Joanne Miller, RN, Co-founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting.
Now is the time to purchase this book because you will receive $400 in free resources
along with your purchase. How exciting is that. Check out what you get.

The Christian Parenting Handbook for your electronic device

Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You
and Your kids Lesson #1 and Lesson #2

Teach Kids to Listen and Follow Instructions on video, workbook,
MP3, Study Guide and Children's lessons

Correction Ideas that Touch the Heart on Video, Workbook, MP3,
Study Guide, and Children's Lesson.

Addressing Bad Attitudes in Kids on Video, Workbook, MP3,
Study guide and Children's lessons.

Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids Session #1
on Video, MP3, Study Guide and Children's lesson

How to use the Christian Parenting Handbook
30 Minute Video
That’s $414.62 of biblical parenting resources for FREE.
A tremendous gift as our thank you for helping us with the launch

Here's how you receive your $400. gift:
1. Purchase your book during Launch week, April 29th to May 5th 2013
at one of the major retailers. (Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc...)

2. Email, fax or mail your receipt to The National Center for Biblical
Parenting. Be sure to include your email address that they can tell you how
to obtain your free gift.

Fax: 609-771-8003
Mail: 76 Hopatcong Dr. Lawrenceville, NJ

This offer is only good during the Launch week.

You also have the chance to win big in the Mega Giveaway that
Biblical Parenting is hosting.

The Giveaway ends at 5 Pm EST on Sunday, May 5.
Scroll down to enter the Rafflebox below.



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