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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Art

This week the little ones and I took a look at some art. We have been
looking at famous works of art and finding the colors and patterns within
those works. This time we took a look at some still life paintings. A still
life painting is when the painter gathers objects that are sitting still and
arranges them in a pleasing manner. The artist may create these from his
own imagination or he may arrange actual objects. To find some art
we simple typed in the search engine famous still life paintings flowers.
We were given so many good examples and so much to talk about.

We began our work by drawing a line near the bottom of the paper
for our flowers to sit upon. (table) I had the kids use colors and patterns
to create their table cloth and wallpaper. Spirit obviously did better than
his three year old sister. He understands what pattern means.

Spirit age 7

Sweet Pea age 3

The next step was to create our vase of flowers. I took a piece of construction
paper and show Spirit how to fold it long ways in half. I drew half of the vase
onto the paper and then cut it out so that the vase would be symmetrical.
Spirits first attempt resulted in two pieces. So he tried again and the second
time had it figured out. I precut a vase for Sweet pea.

Then we were ready to create. The kids glued their vase on their papers
and painted the flowers of their choosing. They painted designs their vases
and then added a little glitter. Princess just recently bought pink glitter.
Pink is what we went with. Spirit also grabbed some white and sprinkled
that on his painting. He says he wants to give this one to his Gram.

Spirit age 7

Princess Age 3
(Princess had some guidance)

Warm blessings,



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