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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Children's Products

This is day two of the Two Weeks of Parenting Meme.
Yesterday we shared some of our Birth Stories. A few
bloggers jumped in and decided to share their stories too.
I loved the story of the home births. Thank- you to those
who were willing to share such private moments in your lives.
I will be working my way around today to read your posts.
Please feel free to continue to add to the link till April 29th.
You can read my Birth Stories and some of the others.

Don't miss out on the Events of the week. You can jump in
and link up to any of these.

Monday April 22- Birth Stories
Tuesday- April 23- My Top 5 Favorite Children's Products
Wednesday April 24- Favorite Family Past Time
Thursday April 25- Our family struggled
the most with our child/children when_____.
Friday April 26 - What I have learned Being a Parent.

Monday April 29- Chores through the Ages
Tuesday April 30- Story time What are your favorite picture books?
Wednesday May 1- Saving Memories
Thursday May 2- Character Training
Friday May 3 -Praying over your Children

Please come back later today for a special GIVEAWAY!!!
Today's activity My Top 5 Favorite Children's Products

(This is my personal opinion I do not get any compensation
from these companies.)

1. I admit it I used diapers and not cloth when my kids were little.
I just wasn't into cleaning up all those nappies. With my first child
I tried all of the expensive diapers and then went to the cheaper but
what I found was that they leaked. Even the ones who claimed they didn't.
The diaper of all diapers that stood the test of time and worked for all
5 of my children boys and girls was Luv's Diapers. If you Join the Luv's
website today you can get a $1.00 off coupon of your next purchase.
You might also want to give it a try and entire their Luv's sweepstakes
on Facebook you could win a years supply of Diapers .

My young children love to move, sing and dance. Many years ago
a friend of mine bought me the cassette to some music involving bean
bag play. This cassette has stood the test of time and has been used for
many, many events and activities. We have also used it for play time in our
home. We ended up making our own bean bags which is so simple to do.
The children then sort of dance with their bean bags, toss them in the air,
and follow basic directions. This ones a keeper. I especially like it when
the weather is bad and everyone is wiggly. It's a nice indoor way to release
some energy. Your can purchase it at Music and Motion for $15.95 (CD)
There are some sample songs for your to listen to on the website.

2. Now this is one of my kids all time favorite games. It's an alternative
to the Candyland game. Honestly while I'm talking about it .
I'm not a big fan of the new Candyland board . The board has gotten
so busy for a preschooler to follow. We just bought a new one for
my youngest. These things seem to wear out over the years of use
and she found it so hard to follow so I pulled out our old
3. Grow Grow Giraffe Game.  Basically you set up the stand up
giraffe. Children spin a spinner and what ever color you land on
that is the color you want on your giraffes neck. You slide the
giraffe up to that first colored spot and put in a little bow tie
to keep it standing. Whoever gets their giraffe neck the highest
and to the top first wins. Even the older kids love this game.
You can order it on Amazon right now for $11.99. There are
only  left in stock right now.

4. My children also have been big fans of Melissa and Doug Toys
In particular we have loved and played with over and over the
play food sets. The kids have the Pizza Kit, Birthday Cake
and Cutting Food into pieces. Even today when my oldest
who is 15 finds new food playset she will oohh and ahh over it.
I think it has found memories for them. Most are about $19.99.

5. Last on my list is Discovery. I found them many moons
ago from a sister in law she was hosting a party . What I like
about Discovery toys is that they are educational and fun.
Two of our favorites sort of are similar but for different ages.

Mosaic Mysteries for $20.00 These have plastic tile shapes
that can be laid on the tile try to create various patterns.
Examples are included for the child to try. This for children
8 years and up.

Playful Patterns for $25.00  There are various foam colored
shapes and shape cards that come with the set. So children
create their own shape creations or they can use the cards to
create pictures. The match the shape to the picture card.
This is for preschool children.

What I like about both products is that they can be played at the
same time but in various levels.

Thanks for coming by today and sharing
My favorite parenting products. Please leave a link to yours
or add them in the comments section.

Warm Blessings,



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