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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Favorite Picture Books

Today in my two weeks of parenting series I wanted to share
with you My top 5 favorite picture books and why they are
my favorite. Some of them I may have talked about before. 

This picture book is the cutest ever. This very large bear who lives
in the forest lost his Teddy bear. When he locates him, he has become
very Tiny and the bear doesn't understand why. In the mean time a
little boy has lost his bear and comes across the big bear thinking this
is his Teddy bear. You will have to get the book to see if the two figure
out what has happened. This book is one of my favorites. When Spirit
was little he made me read it over and over again. At the time
I didn't want to read it one more time but it has since become a keeper
on my bookshelf.  I like keeping things such as this for them as a memory
when they become older so that they may share them with their children.

 Make way for Ducklings is the story of a Momma and Papa
duck who are looking for a place to have their ducklings. The come
across some dangers for ducks and have to overcome those things.
Once the ducklings are born Momma ensures that she cares for
her ducklings. This is one of my favorites. I remember reading this
one with my dad. Perhaps I relate to them because we once had a farm
and on that farm we had ducklings. Lots and lots of them. When I
see ducklings I think of childhood.

Love you forever would make a great story to give to a mom on
mother's day. The story is of a young child whose mother rocker her
child through many trials in life. Before she knows it soon her son
is rocking her. A very endearing story of the love a mother and child.

The Wemmicks are a small group of wooden people. In that group they
give stars to separate their people by who is more beautiful.
Punchinello is given the ugly grey dot because he has some chipped
paint and is starting to show some wear and tear. He is ashamed of
this but his maker shows him that he is very special just as he is.
What I love about this story is the message that it brings to children.
That they are beyond their appearances. God loves them no matter
what other people think. A great story that can be compared to
biblical truth and one that teaches children a valuable lesson.

This one was my favorites when I was a little girl. I enjoyed
all the labels throughout the book and always was on the look
out for Lowly worm. Huckle's life changes as he heads out for
his first day of school with Miss Honey. It takes you though a
year of classtime with Miss Honey. I remember when I was little
pointing out all the things in the book. There is so much to see on
each page. I even used the picture labels to practice my own spelling
and to play school with my bears. This is one I want to show the
little ones sometime soon. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about my 5 favorite picture books.
Please feel free to share yours.

Warm Blessings,


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