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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kids and Chores

The last two weeks I have been discussing Parenting. You
are welcome to share you opinions in comments or by adding
your link.  You can see other posts on the Parenting topic listed at
the bottom of this post. Today we discuss

Kids and Chores

When I was young my parents were great parents, they took the
parenting philosophy that kids should be kids. That was a great
philosophy and I agree with it completely. Kids should have time
to be kids. I don't want to over do the workload on them that they
become over stressed. They deserve a happy, health, childhood
with Balance. I say balance because there is a time for work and
a time to play. You just need to find the balance that works best
for your children and for their age. If your unsure what age a child
can do a certain job you can always give it a try. If it seems to hard
then choose a different task. There are some bloggers out there that
have created chore per age charts so you can always take a look at
other parents advice.

Tip Junkie has a nice list of different jobs to be done by age and
Focus on the Family does as well. There are many others out there.

Starting Young

Really chores should begin when they are little.  They should be
taught early on to put their things away when they are finished playing
with something. This means that parents really have to follow through
to make sure this happens. You want to make it a habit that carries on
later in their lives. Even  3 and 4 year old can help to make a bed.
The more practice the better they become. It helps at this age if you work
beside your child modeling what the expectation might be for you.

Teach  them how

One thing you don't want to do is send your child to the job not
knowing what to do. Use this moment as a teaching moment. Show them
how to clean out the tub or wash  the sink. However you would do
it walk them through all of the steps . The next time, see if they remember
and watch them do the steps. Then allow them to do it on their own but
check to see the end result. It is always important for you to look at their
accomplishment. Take the time to stop and see. This last step
encourages them to continue doing a good job. Please, do not have
your expectations so high that the child begins to hate this time.
Encourage and Thank your child.

Age appropriate tasks

Make sure all of the jobs are broken into age appropriate activities.
I had a friend that had her kids help with breakfast. The younger child
learned how to use the toaster, then they moved to the microwave,
then to a toaster oven and then to the stove. It was a privilege to be able
to move to these appliances. It had become a rite of passage. You and
your spouse should decide what these chores should be and what age
they should do them. Don't think because they are young that they
can't do things. You can give them jobs and break it down into simpler
tasks. For example dishes your small child could wash his or her cups
and load them into the dish washer or stack in their silverware. There
were times we haven't had a dish washer so to help me with the dish
duty I'd have them all wash their own dishes. I'd put the water in the
dishpan as they were finishing they would all come and wash their
dishes. Even the little ones with a little help from Mom. My
3 year old also likes to help with the laundry. Her job is to pick out the socks
and put them on a pile for sorting. She also picks out wash clothes, dish
rags and towels and folds them. She also puts them away. Then we sit
and match the socks. All of these things are learning activities.
Take your time and enjoy the task with your child. Live in that moment.
All to soon they will be out of the house and you will only wish
you could fold wash again with your little one or now big child.

Make it as fun and light as you can

If you seem stressed about the work then the children will feel
that as well and it will turn into a fight. If you make  the experience
light and seem like no big deal than things will go better for you.
Watch your tone and don't complain about the work as you are
setting the example. If you are doing the job with a happy heart
your children will learn this as well.

Ideas for Cleaning with Kids

1. With younger children have
them pick up all the blue toys, or all the dolls, or anything pink
or shaped like a square. Your child will be learning and cleaning at the
same time.

2. Another idea is to put all the chores in a container
and have children pick from the container to figure out what their
chore is going to be. Older children can have a little contest to see
who completes the most chores with mom checking for proper

3. For older children is to write them a note.
Dear ___  Please take out the trash by 5Pm Thanks mom.
This gives them a chance to comply and helps you keep the
nagging to a minimum.

4. With Toys you could turn on your child's favorite song and see
if you can clean up the room by the end of the song. If the task is
to big break it into tasks. Like lets see if we can clean up all the
blocks by the end of this song.

5. Write all the chores on a chalk board or dry erase and erase them
as you complete them. It's fun to watch your list become smaller.

6. Have a reward for when the job is complete, like a story time,
play a game , watch a movie, go to the park, etc... for working
so hard on their jobs.

 Charts can organize you but they just never
worked for us. The kids know what they are to do on what day.
After a certain age they just didn't need them anymore. Use what
works for you. Below are some links to other ideas having to do
with chores.

10 Chores to do with a Toddler
Chore Blocks or Dice

Chores Behind Glass

Modern Chores with Balls

There are many options the key is to find the thing that  motivates
your child and encourages them to want to do their part within
the family.

 If you want to participate in any of the link ups for my 2
weeks of parenting please feel free to join in. Mondays link
is now closed.

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Warm Blessings,



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