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Monday, April 22, 2013

Birth Stories

In Honor of Christian Parenting Handbook that will be Launching
the week of April 29th- May 5. I decided to fill my blog for the next
two weeks with PARENTING... advice, hugs, stories, and memories.

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Our Birth Stories
Where else as a parent would you want to start than at the beginning.
Each birth is different. Each tale is a miracle. God graced us with these
special little children. Before they are born we are so nervous and afraid
that we will not be able to provide what they need. God has us in his hands
and gives us knowledge and resources (Like the Christian Parenting Handbook)
to help guide us on our walk with Him. Our Bibles are our Guides but
he blesses us as well with a family support and other resources. Somehow
we do this amazing thing called PARENTING. Yes we sometimes stumble
but its those special little moments that just melt our hearts. Our birth stories
are something we will never forget. It's one of those memories that are forever
engrained in our  minds because they bring forth such pure JOY.

Here is our stories. There are 5 so hang on to your seats.

I had my first little bundle when I was young. I made some mistakes
but this little one wasn't one of them. I was 20 years old when I had
Heart. She has been a Joy to me her whole life and I don't see that ever
changing. I was very afraid. She was my first. I was measuring large too.
There were a lot of risks with her. I was tested for gestational diabetes
several times but each time it said something different. I soon was
two weeks over due so an induction was scheduled. I wish I had known
more about birthing way back then but I didn't. So I did what I was told.
I don't think it would have mattered if I had. This was a difficult delivery.

I've always had risks because of the size of my babies but we'll get to that.
I had to call in to see when the induction would take place. I woke early in
the morning to call the hospital only to be pushed back all day long. I wasn't
supposed to eat and remember being so nervous. Eventually by 6pm in the
evening I was admitted to the hospital. The nursing staff broke my water
and soon the contractions began shortly after. I was hooked up to so many
machines but eventually I was allowed to shower. My labor went on for
over 24 hours. It took approximately 2 hours to push her into this world.
She just wasn't having it. I had to have assistance on her arrival. One
nurse pushed on one side of me and my husband pushed on the other
as directed by the doctor. The Doctor used a suction to assist as she
was stuck at her shoulders. It was misjudged what her size would be.
She was a whopping 12lb 13 oz. The nursing staff had to get diapers from
the children's ward because newborns were to large. Nurses from various
other parts of the hospital came to visit her. Immediately after I had her
my parents came to see her and rock her. As this was going on I began
to feel really dizzy and I passed out. The doctors rushed in my machines
were beeping. As the sheet was lifted I was sitting in a pool of blood I had
hemorrhaged. I had to have  blood given to me and soon I was feeling better.

I had a difficult recover and was unable to walk for a day. I had trouble
even holding a spoon because my muscles were so tense for so long but it
passed and soon I was holding my little well bigger baby and she was a miracle.
She was such a pleasant baby always smiling and has grown into a wonderful
young women who has a love for God.

My second child came 5 years later. She came yelling and
screaming with her wild hair. I actually had to cut it because it was in her
eyes. This delivery was also induced because the fluid had seeped out slowly
from around her , which was revealed from an ultra sound. Once Doctors learned
of this I was in the hospital the next day for my induction. It began at 8:00 and
ended at 12. It was a fast delivery Princess was anxious to join this world.
She entered  with cries and yells. She wanted to be known.  She has
been like that every since. She was a fussy baby and always wanted my attention.
She has always demanded respect from people and it has grown and changed in
a nice way as she his gotten older. She will be 16 this year and I can hardly believe
where the time has gone. Since Princess was induced she weighed 9lbs 7oz.
She would be dubbed my  smallest baby.

Superboy was my third baby. By now I was not afraid of delivery at all
and was very confident. Labor began very slowly one evening while we
were watching TV. They were so light I hardly knew I was in labor and
slept for awhile. When I woke in the morning the pain had grown it was
time to go. We arrived at he hospital to be told that there were no beds.
I had a stress test ordered for that day so they sent me for the test. After the
test I was sent back to delivery. They told them I was about to have a baby.
No kidding. :) No sooner than I was all set up and comfortable it was time
to deliver. He was an easy delivery at 11 lbs. I did for the first time
experience delivery shakes. If you don't know what that is you shiver
like you are really cold.  Superboy came quietly. He never uttered a cry.
In fact I was a little worried but he was just that type of baby. I had more
difficulty this time around. This time my cervix wouldn't close.
I was given meds that made me vomit but it passed quickly.  While in the
hospital he was so quiet I had to wake him to feed him. I enjoyed my hospital
stay because we would turn the lights out and sleep through until feedings. My
grandpa often said the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for. Superboy
is still my quiet sensitive child. He is 13 years old, artistic and charming.
What more could a mother ask for...? God had more plans.

He blessed us with another son. I had changed Doctors and delivery
was a big concern for these new physicians. They pushed having a
C-section. I did not want this. I rallied to have Spirit as natural as possible.
It was decided to induce early because of the weight issue. Honestly
I was not concerned but they were. Labor was slow. He just didn't
want to arrive yet. I was sick too so it made it more difficult. I was
given two different meds. One for an infection I had and one for the cough
that was annoying me. Not fun to have a cough during labor. The thing
about meds is they make me sleep. So I slept through labor. Dad would
wake me on occasion to make sure I was ok. The doctors would come in to
threaten me if I was not any farther... I would be getting that C-section. At
one point Spirit began to stress so we were worried. I prayed for hours.
God showed me his love and vision of our church praying for me.
I opened my eyes and told that Doctor it was time. He did not believe me
but soon found baby number 4 was making his way. It was
an easy delivery. The hospital changed a lot of their policies and we
were able to really enjoy him before they swooped him away for
measuring and weighing. Spirit was a 10 lb baby and I got to tell the
Doctor's I told you so.  He is a fun loving energetic 7 year old. I
so love this age its one of my favorites. Really
I think I love them all.

Last but not least was our surprise baby. My pregnancy with Sweet Pea
was more difficult at an older age but I found that I was so grateful for her.
With Sweet Pea I experienced my first back labor, which is not fun if you
ever have had it. It was a rough delivery but well worth it to have my precious
baby girl. My blood pressure dropped really low and I had to have meds
two different times. It wasn't a long delivery and soon I was holding my
10 lb baby. After I had to have heating pads for back pain but a few days
after I was home that pain went away.

Despite all the struggles I went through I don't look on that but the joy
of delivery and the gift of each child. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I hope you enjoyed our birth stories and that you will share yours.
Below are the topics to be covered in the next two weeks. If you'd like to
link to one of your articles feel free to do so even if they are older.

Monday April 22- Birth stories
Tuesday- April 23- Favorite Children's Products
Wednesday April 24- Favorite Family Past Time
Thursday April 25- Our family struggled
the most with our child/children when_____.
Friday April 26 - What I have learned Being a Parent.

Monday April 29- Chores through the Ages
Tuesday April 30- Story time What are your favorite picture books?
Wednesday May 1- Saving Memories
Thursday May 2- Character Training
Friday May 3 -Praying over your Children

Warm Blessings.



  1. What a sweet series -- thanks for hosting -- found you on FB :)

  2. This is a great idea. It will be fun to follow the various story lines.


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