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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Germination project and Sunflowers

Spring still has not quite found its spring here in PA. I have seen a few flowers
trying to peek through the soil. Most of our days are still rather cold with an
occasional warm spell. Those warm spells mean that it's coming. I know it is.
I'm looking forward to long days at the park, sitting on our porch and opening
our house to our summer house. When the weather is warm this gives us an extra
room and our home suddenly feels much larger.

Despite the still cool temps we decided to bring spring to us with a plant
life unit. This is our first activities on the lesson. We will be sharing more
as we go along. Spirit last year learned about plants and what a plant needs
to grow. This year we are trying some experiments with the information
he has learned.  We went shopping for different seeds so that we could
mark their germination period.

Seed 1- Pumpkin Seed
Seed 2- Pea
Seed 3- Green Bean
Seed 4 - Corn

Our goal is to see which environment is the best growing spot
for our seeds. We created three different bags and placed them
in three different areas. This one below is taped on our dryer.
We have one not shown that is taped in a dark warm spot under
our desk in the dining room.

Then we placed this set on our kitchen window. (photo taken at night)
Spirit hypothesized that this set will be the one to grow the fastest.
He drew a picture of what each seed bag looks like. As the days go
we will be drawing more pictures and keeping measurements of how
big our seedlings become. This was in our current curriculum so I can't
share the guides with you I'm sure you can do the same things in a notebook.

How to make the seed bags.

(soak seeds over night for faster results)

1. Label each bag with the number of your seed observation.

2. Fold your paper towel into your baggie.

3.Measure 6 cm from the bottom of the bag and staple it.

4. Place your seed on top of the staple.

Each seed can have their own bag or all four can be placed in one
bag across the row. Place in various areas and record your data.
Check daily for changes. Record the changes add more water as needed.

We also read about how plants grow as a reminder and we made these
fun sunflower pictures. When they are dry. Spirit will label his.

Spirit Age 7

Sweet Pea age 3

Warm blessings,



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