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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parenting Struggle - Dyslexia

This is day Four of the Two Weeks of Parenting Meme.
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This is a picture of my sweet angel Princess. She looks so happy in
this picture. This was probably right near the time we decided to
bring her from public school and Homeschool her. It wasn't an easy
decision. We went through a lot of heartache and emotional struggle.

My first child found learning easy. Then Princess came along and every-
thing was different. I knew it was different but I couldn't get everyone
else on the same page. From the day she was born she was so fussy.
She was always fearful and afraid . She slept beside me for many years.
I remember one time when her brother was born , I woke for a night
feeding. She woke as well. She was worried and afraid. She came out
in the living area and put her head on my feet and went to sleep.
Later we would find out that ADHD in girls often looks like anxiety.
In all my years of preschool that was new to me. Her speech was
delayed from the start and she struggled to remember things.

When it was time to start Kindergarten I didn't know what to do.
Honestly I think I knew but didn't go with my gut feeling on it. A
mother should always go with what her heart feels. For the next two
years Princess struggled through school. It was a difficult time. Most
children at this stage of the game are excited to go to school and make
friends but my girl , my girl was different. She hated school. She cried
everyday. She didn't want to go. I didn't realize the extent of it till later on
in a parent meeting. Her teacher told me that she couldn't do anything
without assistance. She couldn't read or write or follow simple instructions.
 That she also seemed to have some issues with some of the girls on the
playground. I asked for help but got nothing. I felt so alone.

Things began to get worse. Her teacher would check mark her entire
paper in red and leave unkind notes on her papers. Princess began
not only crying in the morning but vomiting because she would
become so upset. I would clean her up and begrudgingly take her to
school. I hated it she hated it. Finally the last straw came. I got a call
from the school. Someone on the playground pushed her head
and she landed on the concrete. She had a mild concussion. That
was it. I was done. I finally brought her home. I wish I had sooner
but fear and misinformation made it  a slow process.

We spent some time together to try to heal her heart. She told me that
she was "stupid". That she wouldn't be able to learn. This made my hearts
so sad. We were all hurting. Later, I found out from testing
that she had ADHD that comes out as anxiety and is dyslexic. It took
a long process of psychologists and testing. Not always nice moments.
Sometimes the psychologist would look at me and say just put her
back in school she'll be fine. But I knew we were not fine. I kept
searching and it took a lot of work. I learned eventually that the
one that knew the best for her was us. Such a simple concept.
It took a lot of one on one time and struggle. Oh we struggled.
It was a learning curve for both of us but now she can read and is
very good with her lessons. We just practiced and practiced until
one day she wanted to learn and she knew then that she was
a smart young girl.

But one day.. Oh that day.... someone from church came to me and
said... Something is different with Princess. I said what? Thinking
something bad happened. They said she seems so happy and so much
calmer than her usual self. It was true. We had made it through.
From that moment on whatever Princess had to face I knew we
would face it together. That is just what we did.

Today she is a well adjusted teenager. You barely know she has
a learning disability. She is organized and well versed. I'm so
proud of all that she has accomplished. I give all the credit to her.

Did you struggle with something with your children
and was able to find that thing that worked for your
family? Ours was homeschooling. If so please feel free to
add your blog article to the linky or share in comments.

Blessings ,



  1. Thank you, Nikki, for letting us know abt the hop on the FB bloggers this blog hop, great idea.
    I may link up as well...thanks for sharing and have a great day.


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