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Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Things I have learned as a Parent

5 Things I have Learned as a Parent of 5 Children

1. Relationship-
Having a solid foundation and relationship
with your children is the key to holding a family together. Without
that everything tends to fall apart . You knew when you were going
to have children that it would require a commitment. This is the largest
part of that commitment. It takes work to create that atmosphere with
your child so that they feel that they can always come to you. You want that
open dialog to continue through adulthood.

2. Laugh it Off- Sometimes mom and dad can be way to serious. It helps us
all if we just laugh it off. One day I could see my son was about to do
something that wasn't smart. He had a rubber band in his hand and was
trying to wrap it around something else so that he could then launch it
somewhere. I was sitting across from him. You know where this is going
right. The object came flying at me. There was a look of Oh no from my
son. I could see the worry in his face almost slow motion moment. And then
I laughed and he laughed. I could have chosen to make a fuss but it
really wasn't on purpose. So I laughed it off and after I laughed I reminded
him how this activity inside wasn't a good ideas.  Sometimes we
can lighten the burden with our own laughter. Kids love to hear it.

3. Nothing is ever Really Done- I can say it's done and I can think it's
done but when I go and look again 10 minutes later... It's not done.
Realizing that before I start the task that in a bit it will be undone
again then it causes less stress. Acknowledging it helps. Knowing that
what I do for my family is a reward for them and for me. Makes those
tasks that normally are a burden "happy for me to do".

4. Patience- Oh my yes patience. When I was a little girl I had
none of this. I would want water now, I would want to be cool now,
I would want to swim now. I look at how far I have grown so I know one day
my children will grow in it too because now its their turn
to want it all now. It's my turn to teach them how to wait.
 Nothing is learned well in a hurry so that often means they have
to wait and try again and again until it is learned. I have to keep
emotion out of it and just be patient. I have learned more patience as a
parent than my entire life.

5. Unity- I learned that we need to work as a team as a family unit.
Dad and I have to be on the same page for everything. We have to
know what is going to happen before it happens. The kids have
to work together or our family doesn't function as it should. Disagreement and
discouragement would reign. We don't want that. We want peace and love
all  happiness packaged up into one. We don't get it completely
but at least we have each other. :)  We are a family a team .through
the good and the bad.

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