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Monday, March 18, 2013

The homeschool Lunch hour

What does Milk and ice cream have to do with Chinese food.

Once upon a time there was a family who educated their children at home.
Since they did educate at home they sometimes like to go out for lunch.
The crowds are lower over the lunch hour and eating out with a large
family is so much cheaper. The daddy in this family works night work
and his weekend is on Wed. and Thursday. (for now) Sometimes Wed.
and Thursday can be rather crazy for this family. Daddy likes to run
around these days. This particular day the family decided to run out
to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. The family had the entire restaurant
to themselves and the boys tried their hand at using chopsticks. They
learned a little Chinese with their fortune cookies and had a nice relaxing
lunch hour. On the way home the family decided to stop at an old
field trip spot called PerryDell Farms. Many moons ago the family
went there to visit the dairy cows and the kids loved the flavored milk.
So they stopped at the farm and had the best time shopping for of all
things milk. (photo from PerryDell)

We love Perrydell.

Later in the week we registered our little guy for karate classes.
He is so excited to give it a try. He has asked for a long time now
to Please, Please mom can I try karate. The answer this time was
yes. A new Karate studio is opening in our Walmart. I know walmart
right? I assume they are renting space from then in the front of the store.
My sons first class is this evening. He can't wait. Here's a picture
of my Karate student. You have to say that with an accent you know.
Kar rot tay  Just kidding.

He is trying to look mean.

Warm blessings,



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