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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Homeschool Listening Center

I used to teach in a childcare center many many moons ago ...
Often I would create learning centers for the children to move
around to independantly. They enjoyed this because it was something
They could do on their own. I liked it because it freed up some time
for me to supervise other things. Flash to today ... as Homeschoolers
I was wondering how I could bring some of that to our home. Often
I am working with my older son who needs  assistance right now.
He is working toward becoming more independant as his reading and
improve his writing. While we have that one on one time. The younger
children often get into ummm trouble. So I decided to create two
simple centers for them per week so that they have something to
work on and aren't disturbing what we are working on.

I came up with a listening center. Remember back in the day
when you were in school. Those old tape recorders and enourmous
headphones for listening. (ssh I still have packets of book on tape)
I wanted to simplify this process. You can put books on your Mp3
player, Ipad or listen right at your laptop.  To get you started
first you want to find some audio books for kids. Below is
a list of a few that I found .

Free Clasic Audio Books - You will find some of the classics here on MP3
and MP4 for Ipod. Books like Pilgrims progress, Huckleberry Finn,
American Indian folklore and fairy tales, Autobiography of Ben Franklin
 and White Fang just to name a few.

Audiobooks- Here you will find a few titles Red Badge of courage,
Treasure island, Aesopes fables, Wizard of oz, and Little Women.
Some of the books on this site would work well for older students. Books
like the Illiad, the Scarlet letter, and the Great Gatsby.

Books Should be Free- This is a good one. Thousands of titles here.
Such as The adventures of Reddy fox,  The Tales of Uncle Remus,
The three little pigs, Heidi, The Three bears, Raggity Ann, and so many
Others. This is my favorite site by the way.... So much to choose from.
When you go on the site you can click from their side bar which genre
you are interested in viewing. The selection is awesome.

Homeschool Radio shows- Another good place to look is homeschool
radio shows. The free choices change but you can find some good titles.

My audio school- Choices for Science and History that you can add in
to your already exsisting programs. My 1st grader is learning about Greece
Right now , You have the choice to choose from various greek history selections.
Really good site.

Storynory- Upcoming story for St. Patricks day, the classics, fairy tales,
educational and so on.

Another way to find books is to search out podcasts or books on YouTube....
I like the audios over YouTube for books only because I
like them to use their imaginations over seeing all the pictures but
I think they work for the younger pre-k crowd to keep their attention.
Just be careful when choosing audios that you first listen
to them yourself.

After your child listens to the story you might want a way for them
to record their responses to the story. Below are some worksheets I
created for our listening Center.

The first week sheet is Called I can listen and I
scanned below in white. The other sheet is 3 part are together called
all about a story.  They are not pictured.


I can listen to a Story download.

All about a Story Download (3 pages)


The all about the story sheet has a place to write title,
author, characters, setting, conflict and resolution.
There is a third sheet is just simply says
Draw a picture of your favorite part and add
a caption.

Warm Blessings,



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