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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Environmental Ktichen

Welcome to Day Two of the 5 Days of Teaching Creatively
Blog Hop. I hope your enjoying your week so far. Today our

I have a confession to make. I'll warn you it might startle you.
Here goes. I  do NOT like to cook. I love to craft. I love to be
creative but I do NOT enjoy cooking. Food tastes so much better to me
if someone else cooks it. I am a lucky women too because my sweetheart
loves to cook. When he doesn't work and sometimes when he does he
does all the cooking. I watch. I'm  cool like that. I'd like to say I feel some
 guilt about it but nope not a bit.  I know he enjoys doing it so it's a win
win situation. He cooks to relax and I get to skip a chore I don't enjoy.

So, As you can imagine a topic blog hop that is title school in the kitchen
had me going ummmm maybe not. Then I thought of a project the little
kids have been doing and thought will maybe. So we are not quite
cooking in the kitchen but we are using our kitchen to school.

The thought came to me one day when I was driving around our town.
My little 3 year old says Look mom there's McDonalds. Now we don't
really eat there but I think little kids just know those golden arches.
Its a symbol of fun for kids. Sort of like Red Lobster is to some moms.
I said to her how did you know it was McDonalds and she says I read it
Mom. So my mind is working over time now. I'm thinking of my pinterest
page and my board of Environmental Print.What I could do with it with
my little ones. My 1st grader is working on beginning writing skills.
Wouldn't it be fun to make a book that both of them could use. A book
that Spirit (1st grader) could read to his little sister (Sweet Pea)
Or even more fun that Sweet Pea could read to her Big brother.

For our first day the kids finished their cereal and so Spirit made his
First page. He wrote Cereal is my favorite, which is sooo true. I think
he eats cereal almost every day. He eats it even when I make eggs or
pancakes. The child loves Cereal. We glued it to paper and put it
inside of a page protector to make it sturdier. When my little
Sweet pea looks at this she says Apple Jacks. She knows the label
and thinks she is reading just like her big brother and perhaps she
one day will actually see the words Apple Jacks.

After the Apple Jacks it sort of took off. Everyone was
saving labels. We have cheese , orange soda and Salsa.
He wrote Cheese is good, I drank orange soda and Salsa
is hot. He doesn't like Salsa but his sister does.

He made me show you the Doritos one too because this is an all time
favorite snack. " I would eat Doritos all the TIME."

It's become an entertaining project.  We have a pile of labels sitting here to go in
their book. Everyone has joined in. Its now a family project. Just yesterday
daddy said Hey here's a Mountain dew label.  Just in case your  wondering
my little ones don't drink Mountain Dew but Daddy obviously does .
Now they have something they can write about their dad.

If you have young children you might want to try an
environmental book. It has been engaging and educational too.

Warm Blessings,



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