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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Puppet Maker

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What do you do with a child who is his own? Creativity flows forth and
can't be held down. This thing called Homeschooling just feeds through this
child. The vision of what school should be cannot hold this visionary down.
It flows through his blood and makes him unique. Who would have thought
that an interest grown would be a interest born. This boy always with a sketch
book in his hand and animation on his face. He one day picks up a sewing needle
and sews a little bear for his sister. Finding that the craft is just as fun as putting
it to paper. He molds and creates without much effort. I really knew this day
was coming. In his quiet way he comes to me and asks ...
"Mom, how do I search the internet"

This new curiosity I take hold of and pull it to my heart. These lessons
they actualize themselves. The beginning of the initiation starts.

I show him the world wide web....

Lesson 1 - Diigo  I sign him in and take him through Diggo.
I show him how to use the site. He is able to save links, highlight text on
a page, put them in Lists, order things to his liking, and use post it notes
on the website for later acknowledgement. I bookmark a few for him that
I know are safe for his use.

Lesson 2 - I take him to  Web Search Strategies. He is able to watch
how the world wide web works. He is intrigued to find out more.

Lesson 3- We learn + ,- (not)  and using direct terms. I use the lessons
from Boolify and then we practice.

These are quick lessons and soon after he is searching his interests. He starts
with animals. He finds glogster and creates a glog on the McCaw. Then
he goes to the Venus fly trap. Before I can blink he is making these elaborate
puppets. No one showed him. He sat and watched and taught himself what to
do. One day He says mom I want to make a puppet. I need these supplies.

I step up. It is my turn to lead a little again. We search for the best deals.
We have a math lesson on how to measure material and how to add up the
price of his supplies and how to find the tax. He has no idea that I am
giving him the gratuity of math. And the child learns is lead by his
own influence. He molds foam into heads and lays over material.

The eyes bulge and the brows wiggle. How I am not sure?
I find this on his glogster. His parrot puppet bought not made
but the creativity and the try at ventriloquism. It's a spring board
to something new.

(note if you are on Windows 8 you may not be able to see
glogster as it is Flash rich. Go to your tools and open on your
desktop. The page will then open and you can view the
 videos and aspiration of love)

One day I say.... "How do you make those eyebrows move?"
He explains then decides to make a glog as part of another
assingment on how to make a puppet.
Suddenly we have a tremendous writing assignment.

I am needed again. I teach the how too and the child is lead
and creates. Below is the result.

This is not the end this if the prelude to Learning directed
by a child. As we speak we are working on animation and how to make
a how to video. Soon we will be into writing scripts and it goes on...

Listen first to your child. Open your heart ; distinguish where an
interest can compel a lesson.

Warm Blessings,



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