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Friday, March 15, 2013

Homeschooling in a Crisis

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Homeschooling in a Crisis

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If you are a regular follower on my blog then you know our story, and
might want to skip to the tips on how to School through a Crisis.
A few years ago, Three to be exact, my sweetheart was diagnosed with
congestive heart failure. He already had diabetes so when he came home from
work with swollen ankles and feet I was pretty worried. I told him to call his
Dr. but he did not. He said I'll wait till the morning. It was pretty late .
We recently had become new parents, our fifth child, three months earlier.
So this would later add to the stress. In the middle of the night he woke me.
He said we have to go to the ER. His legs had swollen to his knees and he
was having difficulty breathing. I rushed him to the ER. He was diagnosed
with congestive heart failure. The Dr. said if he had waited any longer he would
have had a heart attack. I posted a little about it but it was a year long of
recuperating and much emotional organization on my part.

Our Story Congestive heart failure

Since then we have had several other incidents with in the family. Daddy
again when he cut his hand with a table saw working in our woodshed.
My mom is very private so I never posted anything here but my
mom went through fighting off Cancer. She is now Cancer free. We pray
for that everyday. This caused me to be on the run from house , to hospital,
to moms house. Then my  Dad had a heart attack but God intervened.
If you have time read the story. It was so amazing how God can touch
our lives. As you can see we have had our share of Crisis' and I am
sure there will be more since I'm surrounded with family that has health
issues. I try really hard not to think about it. However, these type of things
do occur and I'm not completely blind to it. How do you handle schooling
during all of this time of stress.

My Tips on how to handle a Crisis
Many lessons to be Learned- Take on the stress day to day , hour by hour
and minute by minute. One big thing I learned was that God had a lesson
for me. There was always something that made me stronger through it
all. I dug down deep and found strength I didn't know existed. I somehow
was able to handle it all. God only gave me what I could handle. Each time
something new happened I thought I can't do this but I always could and did.
I learned so much during these times of struggle and I am sure that my children
learned some important life lessons.

Create a new normal-  If this is a prolonged Crisis you need to create a new
normal for your kids. Create a schedule even if it is Dr. on Monday's and
Wednesday. Place this schedule in a populated area of your home. We put
ours in the kitchen. Show the kids a week at a time because quite frankly
day to day is probably all you know. You can fill it in as you go. Leave
time for phone calls because they all tend to come in at the end of the day
when people get home from work. Everyone wants to know how your loved
one is doing. Include cleaning up plans like I'm cleaning my house these hours
and my moms these hours. When the time is up stop and move on.

Special time for the kids- After all your phone calls in the evening choose
a time when the answering machine takes the calls and spend time doing
those normal things with your kids like bathing them, reading them a story
and having lots of cuddles. Reading time can count as school.

The little things do matter - One of the biggest lessons I learned is that
the little things do matter. Take your child at the hospital for a milk shake
treat once in awhile. Take some books and read to them. You will loved
one might enjoy the distraction as well.

Listen to books on audio- You might find that with this crisis you
may be spending a lot of time in the car. Try getting some books on
audio for the children to listen too. This is calming too.

Bag by the door- Place a few supplies in a bag for these stressful times
by the door. You can use it as a travel bag. When you have an emergency
it really can save you with the kids. Put things to do inside. A blank note
book is great because you can practice handwriting or math facts without
Even having a text book. Kids could journal too as they maybe having
some strong feeling about what is happening or they can write some of
their own stories. They also make great drawing books. This one notebook
can provide a lot of education on the fly.

Math and Reading- If you do feel the need to work through those
workbooks throw them in the bag and stick to literature and math.
History and Sciences can be made up at a later time.

FAMILY RIGHT NOW. He knows you homeschool. He knows your
struggle. Pray with your children and Love him first.

Warm Blessings,


Hop along folks and view more on Schooling in a Crisis from
the Schoolhouse Review team.


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