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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hands on Project --- Think


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And Today

Hands on Projects  - THINK!!!

I am about to send you to my very, very , very , favorite website.
I love this website so much because my kids can learn hands on
and they can THINK!! This website is called... Can you guess?

The owner of this website is the founder of The Charlotte
Community School for Girls. She believes in play based
learning. Play means to Think. I completely agree and love
her ideas.  After trying a few of the Think challenges I went
through a few years ago and put all of the think challenges
on index cards. It took me awhile she has quite a few. When
I am needing something just like this we pull from our think
stack. Once we complete a think challenge we take a picture and
save it in our Think notebook. Sometimes it's exciting to come
back and try a challenge a second time as the children age.

This is the apple challenge. Children are to Sculpt an apple
using their teeth and 4 toothpicks. They may use the tooth
picks in the sculpture. My children choose not to.

This is my 13 year olds dinosaur.

And my 7 year old with his smiling apple.
He says his teeth are good for creating since he is missing some teeth.  

This is a paper clip project my 13 year old did. He was to take a
box of paper clips and see what he could create. There were 60 in
The box. My 7 year old was reading the three little pigs so
he decided to create the wolf.

These are fun and engaging activities for the kids
to do. They are hands and hands on.

So lets go THINK...

If you are hopping along stop by the SchoolHouse
To learn more about Hands on Learning.

Warm Blessings,



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