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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Math Game

I found the best idea for an Easter Math game for my kids.
I found these Easter bunny trays at Walmart for only I believe it was under $2.
What I noticed is that each tray has ten egg spaces. Just like a tens frame!
I then found bunnies that came in a game to play jacks and I also bought an
egg holder for grabbing the bunnies. My preschooler used the bunny grips to
work on strengthening her hands for prewriting. Once she had all the bunnies
in we counted to ten. She is already counting objects to ten so I bought a few
more trays so we could get to 20.

With my first grader we practiced subtraction facts less than 20 using the bunny trays or
you could work on addition facts. I bought extra trays and extra bunnies for when we
begin working with higher numbers. You could also use addition /subtraction dice to
play the game.  I also bought some for when we dye our eggs. We like to use the egg dye
that you use with a cotton swab to color your eggs. Often the eggs are to hot for the
younger children. This will be an easy way for them to paint their eggs. Love them!!!
I may have to go back and get more at the after Easter sales.


Warm Blessings,




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