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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Crafts 2013

Every year I work hard to prepare several tables of Easter Crafts for the
kids of our church. This is this years round up of activities. You can easily
create these at home. 

The first is an Easter basket made from Chinese food boxes. I found these
at our local craft store for 29 Cents. each. I sat out stickers, sequins anything
the kids  might like to put on their baskets. Then we stuff them with Easter grass.

Easter Egg necklaces - Purchase a pack of Easter foam shapes. I found a
large tub on sale for $5. I punched two holes in the foam eggs so that you can
see them when you lace. You will need beads and plastic string as well.
Make sure you tie those ends tight you don't want beads all over your house. 

It's time to celebrate Jesus Life. How about some Maracas to shake while the
kids jump up and down and yell Jesus has risen. Fill and egg with beans. Then I
used color duct tape to wrap about the spoon and egg. My daughter then added some
little stickers to her maracas. We cut our duct tape in half so the other half went
to cutting and adding some ribbon to the bottom. Now we have a fun celebration tool.

Christ means a new life for us. We made this fun chick with a small yellow plate.
Then we glued on yellow Easter grass. I cut out beaks and legs for our chicks so
the kids just had to glue them on. They added wiggle eyes and feathers to their liking.

I got this great cross idea from DaniellesPlace. You can find an example
of the Cross Craft at her site. You do need to be a member to download patterns
and print them off. The price is very reasonable. Its the price of a regular magazine
subscription. I use mine on a regular basis. My kids loved this one.

This craft below also came from DaniellesPlace. I used a combination of her
story telling eggs and the palm wreath craft to make these. Search around her site
it is Amazing. 

Warm Blessings,



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