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Friday, March 29, 2013

5 on Friday

5 Fact Friday

I'm Linking up with Pebble and a Pond for 5 fun Facts on Friday.
Welcome to my Good Friday Edition.

1. Every year on Good Friday my family heads out to an Easter Gathering hosted by
my dads work. He's retired now so it makes it all the more special for him. We all love our
Pap. We would do anything for him including smashing into a tiny hall with over 100 people
really just for this photo. Every year there MUST be a picture with the kids and the Easter
bunny. My dad is present in every single one. All the children in this years photo belong to me.
On occasion we bring others with us. It touches my heart all the more since dad had a heart
attack this year. We are Thanking God that he is in this years photo.

2. Easter is a big event in our family, I am staff at our church so it requires more of my
time in ministry. This year I did not put out one Easter decoration and yet they seemed
to form on top of our TV center without me doing a thing. The lantern with the birds was
a Christmas gift from my oldest daughter. The bunny items came from my mom and my
son made the paper bunny.

3. Every year we dye Easter Eggs with Hinkle's Dye. If you didn't know
Hinkle is my last name. They kids hands are usually colored for a week
but they love doing it . Even though the older kids complained through
the entire process, they sat around and waited for a second batch of eggs.

4. Each Easter I host our Churches Easter Activities. This year we 
have three trash bags of plastic eggs with treats hidden inside, 5 crafting
activities, 1 cookie decorating activity , 25-30 registered to play with us
and 10 volunteers for help. This is the last bag to go to the church. The
pile is in my closet in the nursery waiting to be set up tonight.
Glue and food really I noticed that and separated it. 

5. Last but definitely not least is that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
This day is completely for and to Him. We might play with bunnies
and giggle with the kids over eggs but our Hearts are always for HIM!!
Thank you Jesus for laying down Your life to SAVE ME.

Warm Blessings,



  1. What lovely holiday activities and I love those eggs.
    Happy Resurrection Sunday!

  2. Pascha (it's what the Orth0dox Christians called Easter) is a HUGE deal for us but won't be happening until May 5th. You've got me all excited and looking forward to it. Your#5 pretty much sums up our feelings. The Resurrection is the greatest event of Christian history and Christ is the *center* of our celebration but bunnies, and eggs and candy are just ways we show our excitement and celebrate.

  3. Loved reading your 5 facts! This week my kids made slime and there hands were blue from the dye for 3 days. It was kind of funny. :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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