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Monday, February 25, 2013

We are T.R.I.P ing along.....Update #3

We are just T.R.I. P. ing Right along and working hard to improve our
reading using the Targeted Reading Improvement program. We began our
Journey Jan 24 with our first  T.R.I.P. and I updated on Trip Take Two.
Today we are just Right along.

Superboy Age 12 ....

Superboy is doing fabulously on his T.R.I.P encounters. He has been
working hard. He is still moving along quite quickly and doing well as he goes.
I really like the comprehension sections for him. I can see how this has helped
him while reading. He still has trouble focusing on what he is reading and may
have to read the text a few times. The only complaint form him is how slow the
text is read. Its is becoming difficult to keep his attention but its coming.
I feel like I am seeing gradual improvements. I have noticed more fluency
in his writing. With Dysgraphia he does not like to write and usually avoids it
at all costs but he doesn't seem to mind writing the words with the flash mode.
I think its almost a game for him to see if he can see it and then write it
I know how important those sight words can be and I'm glad he has taken
to the process. After this program I may just make a few powerpoints with
words on to do some vocabulary challenges since he seems to enjoy
this way of learning. Thank you to T.R.I. P for showing me a few things
about how my son likes to learn. He is definately an auditory learner
so he will say the flash word and then write it.

Spirit age 7...

Spirit is still going rather slowly but this is ok. He has really taken to the
program and that is a good thing, Course his brothers enthusiasm has helped.
 He seems to enjoy doing the lessons. We are taking things slow because he is
younger. The sight words need to be practiced over a course of a week or
so depending on how difficult he finds that particular  list. I know how important
these sight words are to his reading ability in the long run. I have noticed a
few reversals are becoming clearer for him. His lower case a has turned
around. We still have the b, d issue and the p, q.  He is still a first grader though
so we have hope and it seems to be coming to him.

Join us again in a few for a new update.

Warm Blessings,



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