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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

T.R.I.P. Take two.

Awhile ago on January 24 I began a T.r.i.p. with my boys to try our best to
improve their reading using the Targeted Reading and Improvement program.
So today as we go on this journey I thought I'd update you on our progress so far.
If you'd like to read more about the program you can stop and read my original
introduction to see how the children have or have not improved. This is my first
T.R.I.P. Today we will see if there were any improvements for each child.

I'll start with my oldest Superboy Age 12.

So far with Superboy I haven't seen a drastic improvement. As we have been working
I have noticed that many of the sight words are words he knows. I think that it may
almost be to easy for him but we have been hanging in as a review .Some words
have had to be straighted out as far as spelling as we get to the middle lessons. He
has been able to make those changes rather quickly which has been refreshing. If nothing
else I seewith this program his self esteem soaring as the material is something he is
able to accomplish with smiles. That in itself it worth more than gold. I have noticed his
writing has improved. He seems to be able to take his thoughts a and apply them
to paper a little easier. Perhaps its the flash practice that has spurred this on.
We will continue on just to see where it will take us.

Spirit Age 7

Spirit is younger and I have not pushed him to hard with the program. We are taking
it slow so that he can grasp everything and have taken our time. Some lessons we
were able to do a few times until he had the confidence he needed to complete it with
a smile. It is fun for him to use the flash mode. He likes to try the faster speeds as
he become stronger with the sight word. I also have noticed when we are reading
passages that he is becoming smooth and reading at a faster pace. I really
contribute that to the flash practice. As you can tell I really like that part of
The lesson. Spirit comprehension seems to be about the same but he was able to
understand most passages well to begin with  but we continue to use this as
a practice. Both boys did complain a little that the reader of the story was a little
slow but I think that is what helps them comprehend .

So far so good. I see mostly improvement. I keep you posted.

Warm blessings,


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