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Monday, February 18, 2013

Spaghetti Love...

My brother is here for the weekend. Its always nice to see him.
I hate so much that he lives so far away. I always envisioned us living
close to each other, almost next door. It makes me sad that our kids
can't spend more time together.

This Saturday my Princess and Superboy were to help with the youth
group Spaghetti dinner. Superboy wasn't sure he wanted to try
waiting on people but in the end he decided to give it a try.

Usually I get involved too. We decorate the church all romantic like.
 I typically organize the youth that will serve the people and handle the money.
This year my parents couldn't babysit the little ones and Daddy had to
work, so I dropped the older ones off and brought the little ones home
for a bit until they were ready for us. They were so excited to go eat
spaghetti at church. My parents got them little bags of clay to take while
they waited for their food because my parents are great like that.

The little ones cheered Spaghetti Spaghetti!!! As we left the house.
I think Spirit briefly forgot that he doesn't really like Spaghetti all that
much. When we got there Princess waited on us. Not long after
Superboy hoovered over our table to talk. It was precious how they
flocked to our side. The littles and I got our salads first. The youth
set up a make shift salad bar. Sweet Pea's salad was a bowl of croutons.

Our Spaghetti came and Spirit remembered he really doesn't like Spaghetti
so he got another Salad. Sweet pea decided it wasn't as much fun as she thought
so we proceeded to run to the potty several times. Just about every 2 minutes.
ok maybe every 5 minutes. After dinner we stayed to help clean up and
retrieve the older children.

Sweet pea figured out she could line two folding chairs up and push
them like a train. Here this little girl is barely big enough to see over
the top of the chair even if she can see and is pushing two at a time.
My kids made me proud of them how they handled all of that work
willingly. Superboy did admit to not liking restaurant work. He says he'd
much rather prefer a sit down job. Lots of lessons learned this evening.

I remember wayyy back when I was in Youth... This tradition of spaghetti
and serving has been around for a long time. I remember doing so in
the church basement with really only my family showing up to be served.
Now this is a really big event. I also remember a dear church member
who helped put it all together. A man who taught me corky Sunday school
songs and later taught my son corky Sunday school songs. He made the
best secret salad dressing. We miss you John.

Warm Blessings,



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