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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jump into a Story

We love books!!! Shout out if you love books!!! I personally
love to read. My desire is to impart that to my children. I work
diligently to show the children how fun books can really be . I
take pride in seeing their faces light up when a book comes alive.

Many times an easy way to see if a child understands a story is to
have them narrate it back to you. Narration is a good start to
beginning story telling and it helps the reader to begin to comprehend.
It is particularly good for those auditory learners. Depending on your
child's age you can read a small paragraph or you can read an entire
novel. Then simply have them retell the story back to you with as
many details as they can think of.

To add a spin to that you could have your child act out the story.
The other day we read the Billy Goats Gruff. One day the children
used blocks and animals to act out the story and the next day.
They stomped across their own pretend bridge bringing the story to life.

Even though it is after Christmas we have been working on the Nativity story.
God showed us so much love when he gave us Jesus. The holiday season
is so busy. I wanted us to really have time to sit and enjoy the lesson.
We just finished completing the lessons I had planned and as a review
I thought it would be fun for the children to create puppets. Then
We did an I Am game....

I am Mary. Mother of Jesus. I love God so much that
HE gave Mary his Son. I rode a donkey to a barn .
Baby Jesus was born. By Sweet Pea age 3

I am a Shepherd. I watch the sheep. Angels come from
Heaven to tell me that Jesus is born. I visit Him and worship Gods son.
By Spirit Age 7.

Give it a try next time you want to review a story try puppets or acting it out.

Warm Blessings,


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