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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Grandpa and the Golden Plate

A true story about Grandpa and his Golden plate. Our grandpa is
a little corky. We love him so much. He is different than other grandpas.
He is retired now and Grandpa loves to recycle. He takes trash and
makes it into treasure. Well, at least treasure for him. It is not uncommon
for family to call him to haul their metal away. He loves when you give him
wire . He will strip the rubber coating and recycle the metal in the wire. This
is very time consuming. He has made up to 800 dollars recycling copper wire
and other metals. He says he will do it as long as he has the energy to
keep doing it. He is a very active seventy year old man. Over the summer
he was there keeping time with Daddy as they shoveled rocks in the driveway.

When ever we go to grandpas he likes to take us on a tour of the house showing
us the new things he has done. It is a very clean home and grandpa loves
collectibles. He loves all things shiny and if they are not shiny he paints them
shiny. I think the man has some stock in silver and gold spray paint. We often
joke that if the item is gold grandpa will paint it silver and if it is silver he will
paint it gold. He seems to just love spray painting. He even painted his truck
with tan patio paint that the neighbor gave him. This he rolled on the truck with
a roller. I know what you thinking but it really looked so much better than what
 it did look like. So this visit to grandpas he shows us the pile of new painted
Silver and gold items and hands me this plate....

Its a thin tin. At first I thought it was plastic and almost chuckled thinking he spray
painted plastic but realized it was a very thin metal. Then he said you keep that one.
What ??? Wait???? How did this happen. Oh I couldn't do that.... Ok Ok yes...
Ok Thank you. My style at home is rustic country. I'm not sure where I"m
putting grandpas plate. We love him so I must find a good spot...

Then he suggests I paint the fruit on the front. I see daddy from the corner of
my vision and I say with  a sober face.... Oh I think it like it better this way.

Perhaps the kitchen, or the hallway or maybe the summer house. Princess
suggest the attic door on the other side. (wink) What do you do with
gifts your not sure what to do with?

Warm Blessings,




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