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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12 Links of Lent

What is Lent? And what We do...

  Ash Wed. is today. Lent begins on Ash wed. This day is
different each year because Easter changes each year but it typically begins
in Feburary. This is a time for Christains to fast and to give of your self to
Christ. Preparing your heart for Jesus death and resurrection of Life. Christians
often fast as a form of forgiveness of past sins. We pray , fast and often give
something up (self sacrifice) to the Lord. On Ash Wed we make our way to
the church to recieve the sign of the cross on our heads . This reminds us of our
mortality and our need for Jesus Christ. I once asked our pastor where the ash
comes from. He told me that they save the left over palms from palm sunday.
Then they  burn them and save the ashes for next ash wed. Lent lasts 40 days.
40 days is significant in the bible. You will find that number various times.
Moses waited 40 days to recieve Laws. Isreal wondered 40 days in the
wilderness, and Elijah walked 40 days to meet God. There are many other
examples as well. The 40 days are associated with waiting and preparing.
This Ash Wed. I have not decided yet what I will give up. I have been
prayerful considering what it will be. It varies from person to person.

To help get ready for Lent I thought I'd share my favorite 12 Lenten Links.

Holy Heros - Are you a busy parent or homeschool mom ? Then this is
really an easy way to take your children through Lent for the 40 days.
All you need to do is enter your email address. Then Monday, Wed. and
Friday you will be emailed a Lent activity. You'll recieve a short video,
pray along with the audio, coloring pages to print, word searches , crosswords
and quizzes.

Devotional for your Family from Holy Experience- You can download the
free devotional and the printables for an Easter Tree.

Lent Countdown calendar- Here you will find a Lent count down Calendar.
The website is Catholic but much still applies if you are Christian like me.
There are a lot of other activities pretzels for Lent, Ash weds. , and Cross stations.

Lent displays- Beautiful and meaningful Displays for lent. These are beautiful and
might help you to get your creative thoughts flowing.

Lenten Wreath- Primative but creative Lenten wreath

Lenten Prayer pots- Easy to craft for young children.

Lamb of God washcloth craft- Learn how to make your own lamb of God
on U tube

40 bags in 40 days- Remove 40 bags of clutter from you home. Clear out
you mind and your Home this lent Season. Clutter often clutters our hearts
as well as our home.

You can print out this Lenten Poster Guide.  This really explains lent
and gives you many ideas to share with your family.

Lent Chocolate Crown of thorns- these look yummy. Simply use
Chocolate and pretzels.

40 ideas for keeping Lent Holy- there are some really good ideas
here and the plan goes that you do one of these each day. Love this.

Explaination of Lent by Whats in the bible

Warm blessings,


  1. When I click on the links, it just takes me to a picture of the link, but not the actual link to the activities.

  2. Hover mouse over words "Lenten Poster Guide" & click for link or visit

  3. "Catholic" IS "Christian". lol "Catholic" was the only "Christian" for centuries. People who didn't like the teachings and tried to remove or add some used to be called heretics. Now they're called protestants. Protestantism is divided into many denominations of Christianity, but there is still only one Church that teaches the same things they did back at the beginning. ;) By the way, this is a great list of resources. :)


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