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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 Education Websites for Toddlers

This is my little one. She is three years old and she loves to play
games on the computer. I can use this to my advantage. If I can find
educational websites for her to play on, well then that is half the battle.
Just remember that the American Education of Pediatrics recommends
no more than an hour to 2 hours of screen time per day. This includes
any electronic device. Perhaps a good idea is to use computer game
time as a reward only once or twice per week and limiting that time to
maybe 20 minutes. I was surprised at how quickly my little one figured
out the mouse. I never really had to give her instruction. This might be
different for you . I think for her it was a monkey see monkey do
sort of things. I hope you enjoy the games we found as much as we do.

 Here are her favorite top 10.

1.Sprout Online- is my daughters number one favorite site.
Probably because she loves to watch Sprout on TV. These are her
favorite characters and they are there to help her play games like
matching, puzzles, ABC's and counting. Sprout often has a kindness
activity so that the kids can share  what they did to be kind to someone.
Parents can log in and share their little sproutlet doing a good deed or
even wish them a happy Birthday. The characters are familiar to the little
ones and they want to come back and learn more. I have watched Sweet
pea go from struggling to do simple puzzles to being able to do 6 pc. puzzles
on sprout. She is able to do them off screens as well. Her favorite character
is Calliou. I love the quiet demeanor of this little boy.

2.PBS Kids- is another of her favorites and I love seeing the old characters
from books like the Cat in the hat and curious George. You do have to
be careful that you find the correct level activity for your child here. There
are some things that a three year old may have difficulty doing without
a parents assistance. Of course Sesame Street is always a hit with our toddler.
Its funny because it took me to the 5th child to find one that enjoyed watching
Sesame Street.


StarFall- is a fun site for kids to work on learning their ABCs.
Children can click through the Alphabet and her words that
begin with that particular letter and her the sounds it makes.
The great things about Starfall is that it follows your child to the
beginner reading level.

Fisher Price- I grew up myself as a little girl with Fisher price.
I think the excellence of their toys is to be rewarded. They always
have your child at heart. I remember playing for hours with my little people.
Here your little one can play games with some of Fisher Prices
toy characters. Little people that your little ones can relate to. You will
find shape games, color and so much more. Preview which games will
work best with your little one.

Sesame Street-

Here you can visit just with the Sesame Street characters.
Doing with Sesame street does best teaching colors, shapes, letters and numbers.

Paint like Jackson Pollock- Very easy to use . Fun mouse practice for
little ones. It is rather mesmerizing I played for quite awhile myself.
This is my little creation from my screen shot below.

Alphabet games for kids- Your kids can play games to help them
learn the ABCs. Like ABC whack a mole  or go fish.

8.Maisys Fun Club- if you have every read Maisy books with
your toddler than you will probably enjoy Maisy fun club.
Printable games and online toddler games including a matching
game with three levels of difficulty, a jigsaw game, online
coloring, and a Maisy dress up game.

Read some of Maisy's storybooks together with your tot or print
out a "pin the tail on Maisy" game, as well as a dot to dot and counting game.

9.Mini Mops- Join the Minimops in a delightful site for two to five
year olds. It's so simple to navigate and play! There are dot to
dots, puzzles, a clever music show game where your child can
record and replay their musical creation, the Rainbow game which
is true magic for little kids who love to point... click.. drag the mouse...
 The Flower activity will keep tiny ones entranced again and again.

Go Baby from Disney - play lots of fun games here.
 Disney is always a great place to meet up with
familiar friends like Winnie the Pooh. Search for pictures in
picture books and spend time with your little one.

Warm Blessings,



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