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Thursday, January 24, 2013

t.r.i.p. for Kids

Hi everyone. I'm taking a trip with my boys with a Targeted
Reading Improvement program. I recieved my CD and Am ready to
start. This program is for children with Add, Adhd, and dyslexia.
(Adults as well) Trip contains 20 lessons using hand, eye and vocal
exercises. It is very easy to set up. I simply slipped the CD into my
computer and took a look at the video explaining how to present
the material to the children. I really liked watching rather than
reading all of the directions as their teacher/mom It find I read so
Much in a day it was nice change.

 Let me tell you about my students and what their stuggle
might be and their  successes.

This is my Son Superboy he is in the 6th grade. We spent extra time last year
and the year before in 5th grade. So he is almost 13 years old. He has
struggled with reading from the start. He just plain doesn't like it. I had
him tested and he tested genius levels with a touch of dysgraphia. I suspect
a little Dyslexia. His older sister has Dyslexia and has overcome so much
and so does their dad so it runs in the family.

Superboy is working with the Susan Barton reading and Spelling program.
The program has really improved his reading skills but his writing is still
I'll be nice interesting. I know his dysgraphia has a lot to do with that.
I thought we'd give this a try and see if it improves his writing skills.

This is my son Spirit . He is in the 1st grade. He doesn't seem to have
any writing issues . He does do a few reversals but I"m aware that  that is
normal for a first grader. He is enjoying his phonics program but just
when I think he knows his sight words he forgets them again. I
thought I'd allow him to work through the lessons as he learns the
sight words as review. So he will have to move at a slower pace.
Then his brother initially will. Superboy will be able to procede through
the first few rather quickly and then may have some missing link here
and there. This is a good refresher.  I'm hoping that t.r.i.p. comes out
with another Cd with the next set of sigh words common to english
and maybe word families too.

If you'd like to take a peek at  t.r.i.p take a look at the link or
you can visit their Facebook.

This is the first post in a series about t.r.i.p. so keep your
eyes peeled as to our status and how thing are going.

Warm Blessings,


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