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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spaghetti and Meat ball - Sight words

I love the story of Strega Nona. The idea for me of a pot that cooks itself
with words is more that I can handle. I want one so bad . Just order that for
me okay. The story is of an old lady who is deemed the town witch. She
is getting up there in age so she hires a man to take care of the home duties.
The only thing he can't do is touch the proverbial Pot or literal in this case.
Something that is deemed off limits is usually more tempting than if it were
not. He over hears Strega Nona one day chanting over the pot and out
comes her pasta dinner. He is so tempted by his friends who say he didn't
see what he saw and by the don't touch rule that he wants to touch. One day
when the old lady is out he begins the chant only to have missed the three
Kisses at the end to stop the pasta. This mans serves pasta to the town .(at
least he shares) Only it doesn't stop when they are done it keeps coming
and coming. What will happen to this man and all that pasta ?? You have
to read to find out.

After our story time Spirit found a big bowl of paper pasta with meat
ball sight words inside. He used tongues to search for the balls.

When he would find one he would read it to me and then write it on his
wipe board.

Easy and fun sight word practice. This we Love.

Warm blessings ,



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