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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shuffle Board Math

Let's Play shuffle board math !!!

Create your board by using painters tape on your kitchen on tile floor.
I placed random numbers on the shuffle board. You can place
any math numbers that you are doing. You could use multiplication
to solve, subtraction, or addition. We practice addition and subtraction.

This is how I set ours up. I had ours between the stove and freezer so
I decided to lay a towel there to protect the "Puck " from doing under
somethings. I also later added on to the door so it wasn't constantly banging
it since daddy was sleeping. (night work) I choose a good distance away
and add a stand here line.

We didn't have a puck so we used a block from the kids block set.
You could also use a lid from a juice container or an actual puck.
We used Sweet peas map and broom as our tool for pushing the puck
across the floor. Any broom or swifter would work. These worked great
for little hands. Sweet played by just trying to get hers onto the triangle.

Each child had two turns or blocks to push. When they landed on a number
we wrote it on a dry erase board. The choose a symbol of math to choose.
Whoever had the higher score won. Since Spirits math is first grade we
would add each round and then start a new game. We used subtraction
symbol later in the game. This was a hit with the kids and we will surely
use it again to work on our basic math facts.

Warm Blessings,


(PS ignore my kids clothing they for some reason think its summer. :)


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