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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Peaceful Passage by Kim West

My thoughts:
I often think of my passage from this life to another. I wonder if I"ll be older
or if it will occur sooner than I think. It is difficult not to think about these things
sometimes. Death is always knocking at our door. I know that when I was younger
I thought I was invincible. Reality is that I am not but when you are young
you think that you can conquer the world. I imagine my passage as beautiful.
Peaceful and full of love. I envision seeing Jesus at his throne and reaching
His hand out to me in recognition. I will yet meet again my loved ones.
I know that my Grandpa will be waiting in the wings and my best friend
Jean will be there to say why did you do this or this and great job on that...
Music will reign through my ears like I have never heard before. Angels
Worshipping God and love spilling right over me.

But wait stop the music what about the before...

About the book:
No one can predict what you will have to go through to get to that peaceful
reign. I am going to jump right to the end of this book but will come back
to the beginning and middle. Kim West shares her journal from the passing of
her Mother in the very back of the book. I am sure it took much courage
to put into print that that is so personal . The journey before her Mother
passed on as seen by those around her. I am sure Kim West that your mom
is very proud of you. You are an encouragement to me.

Taking care of a loved one at home as they embark on this journey
can be very exhausting. I know to well what it is like to care for
a sick loved one. I wish I did not. Our journey did not end
but I learned a lot all the same. In 2009 Daddy was diagnosed with
congestive heart failure and diabetes. This diagnoses changed our lives
forever. Sometimes You never know what will happen does. (read our story
at the link) He is well for now but it is always in the back of my mind
that his heart is failing. Little by little it is giving out. It is a hard thing
to accept. I also had some experience with  parents becoming ill .
My dad had a heart attack and my mom had some scary medical
issues that I'm not at liberty to discuss . Know though that I did a
lot of caring for not to the extent of Kim but enough to realize that
I need to know more. These illnesses caused complete havoc to our
family and to our homeschool days but I would not have said no
to my parents. It was if we were on pause. If any of them wanted to come
home and have care provided there then that is what we would do.

Kim Wests book Peaceful Passage gives you a detailed glimpse into
how to care for your loved one. You will learn how to set up your
loved ones room, details of hospice, ways to keep things clean,
and changing those sheets with your loved one safe and sound .
After each chapter is a workbook for you to place your thoughts
and to get yourself organized.

Here is the back of the book cover for more detail.

I am so glad that I'd don't quite need this book yet but I feel
better having read and been given the information that will be
needed when the time comes to make these difficult decisions.

This book has my thumbs up and will be sitting on my bookshelf
as a future resource. It would also make a great gift for someone
struggling with just this thing. I'm glad I read it before hand so that
I have more of an idea what will happen if we are placed in this
circumstance. It is a must read for those with elderly parents
or family member that is terminally ill.

Kim west has Her PhD in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and her
Master of Divinity in Counseling and Family. You can learn
more about the author on her Website.

You can also find her on Facebook.

If you are interested in purchasing Peaceful Passages you
can find it at Amazon However you will find the best price Here .

Warm Blessings,


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I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any
other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in
accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

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