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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On A Quest for Christ Book Review and Testimony

Where are you on your spiritual Walk with God? Are you ready to
dig in and find out what all this Bible stuff is all about? Have you been
searching to fill an empty void inside of yourself. Perhaps this book
will help you to find out what you are missing.

The Quest for Christ is a 30 day devotional taking you through
the steps little by little go find your way to Christ.

Who is this book for?This book is for anyone who is ready to search for some answers or it
can also be for seasoned Christians who would like to remind themselves
where their journey so far has taken them.

Structure- How the book is set up
Each devotional begins with a bible verse to set the mood for the topic of
the study. It is followed by a brief devotional and real life experience from
the author Lisa Are Wulf. Next you will find a few questions to dig deeper
into your thoughts and your faith. This section all depends on you, how
far and in depth you want to take it. Then you are rounded out with a few
final thoughts and another verse to carry you along. These devotionals are
simple and easy to complete for those that are limited on time.

My Testimony
This devotional just reaffirmed what I know about my self in relation to God.
Since the book took me back on a relook at my faith I thought
that is was appropriate to give you my testimony. I grew up among a
Christian family. I learned about God early on. My Great Grandfather was
a Pastor of our church. My Parents weren't church goers but my grandparents
went each Sunday. I would often call them and ask them to take me along.
As a little girl I think I was closer to God than I was later in life. I would
attend church, sit in my pew and feel God flowing right over me. It was if
the ceiling opened up and His light came right on me. What happened you
might wonder to that little girl. As time went sin weighed me down. I
listened to the lie that I wasn't good enough for Christ. I stopped going
to church with Grandma in favor of a more world centered life but I really
wasn't happy. I felt this enormous hole in my heart. (Just like Chapter 9
Searching Describes) I began to try to fill that hole with a lot of the
wrong things. When I hit my 20's I realized what it was I was missing. I
remembered sitting at my school desk in elementary school and talking
to God all day as if He were my best friend. Even though I struggled with
friendships in school I was completely at peace with God. I realized that
that was what I had Lost. I had lost my relationship with Him and I wanted
it back. I began reading my bible whole heartedly I had married young. I
would spend my day with a baby on one side and the bible in the other. I
felt so alone in my home so I'd read the verse to this little one and chatter
away to her about my hopes and dreams. I still wasn't quite there. I was
reading the words. I was acting out the life I wanted but I still just didn't
have that connection. Instead of me getting support form my husband I
got the opposite. He decided I was becoming to religious. It became
faith or him. I Choose God. It was a struggle to be a single mom. I felt
even more alone. I wasn't the Christian Quite yet that God wanted but
He had a plan for me . Its funny how He works and moves in your
life when you least expect it. My grandfather became rather ill. I went to
the hospital to see him. When I visited the Pastor was there to pray over
him. I prayed along with them and felt God nudge me one step further.
The Pastor mentioned them needing a nursery supervior at  our
church on Sundays. I worked with children in a childcare center and
thought this was away to make a few extra dollars for my daughter and I.
I accepted the job from the hospital room. As I worked in the church
nursery I met a women who begain to really open my eyes, it felt like
I never left the church. It felt like HOME... Each day I went to church
I became a little closer to God. It didn't happen at speeding light
it happened over time. I decided at some point to begin doing bible
activities with the nursery children. In teaching them the light
began to click in my heart. I was finding Him. I  can pin point
the exact day I felt God's light shine right through me again. God grew
me little by little to hit this one moment and many others after.  A new
youth minitser had joined our church and his dad a minister, came
to speak to the youth. He spoke right to my heart. I looked to that
high sancturay ceiling and felt that familar light. God had never
 me you know. I had left Him. I just wan't open to seeing. Is my
mission done now that I found God again. Absolutely not. It has just
begun. God willing that I lead others through  experiences in life.
I have learned and gown so much since that day. There are so many
stories I could tell you how God worked in my life.
Perhaps another day

If you'd like to read more about Wulf you can drop by her website
A Quest for Christ.  On the top of the page you will find a tool
bar of selections. I searched around and found her blog
One Woman Sanctuary . If you'd like to read one of the devotionals
from her book you will find an exert on her Blog.

You can also follow her on Facebook

You can purchase her book on Amazon . It looks like there is
also a Kindle version available.

Warm Blessings,


I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review.

I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated
in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am
disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
I am part of The CWA Review Crew

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