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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Naming of a Year...

I read an article recently from A Holy Experience
about naming your year. I thought about this a lot and have noticed
other bloggers out there  naming their  year with one word.
I thought to myself what would I want to name 2013 if given a chance
to place a HOPE to my year. What would my blessing be?

When I look back on 2012 I think of all the little moments of happiness that
outweighed any of the struggle. Sometimes I feel like I'm wading through
but then those little moments happen. You know the ones I speak of.

The times when you hear your little one singing Twinkle little star and you
pause to just hear it with the biggest smile on your face.


Or when your little one tells the older brother he is her "Best Friend",
listening from your bed the little giggles from the other room.

When you are talking to your son through his puppet and you
realize it
and smile wide.
Those are Moments I look for. Those filled with
complete and utter JOY. No matter how hard I struggle no matter
what comes my way. I can always look to the little things and I'm able
to find that Peace that God has left me.

I've gotten in such a terrible habit. Its the habit of hurry. We have to hurry
to finish our assignments and hurry to clean up. I wonder why.
I don't want my children remembering me hurrying through I want them
To pause and remember that smile. That sweet moment of satisfaction.
The one when you know you are loved by God and by your family.
I want them to feel that comforting support. This is something I can gift them.

My word is a simple three letter word with soo much meaning.


God wants us to have Joy in our lives. He wants us to have it even in
trials and that is what I want to bring to our family life. Joy in it all.
On Mondays I will be participating in the Joy Dare for 2013 from Holy
Experience. You will find me beginning to count my 1,000 gifts each day till
2014. I will fill my Mondays with JOY, bliss, Exultation, gladness and delight

We will fill our hearts with God's Joy.

I couldn't stop though with the one word of Joy. I wanted an entire
verse to reinforce this Year full to the top.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and
peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit
you may abound in hope.

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven.” ~ C. S. Lewis

Warm Blessings,



  1. Love this Nikki! Coming by from the crew :) I too feel like I'm hurrying everyone through... Here's to our 2013 being full of joy and living in those moments!

  2. Something I sure need to be reminded of at times- living in the joy of the moment.


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