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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Januarys Joy Dare

Counting Joy

I jumped in with both feet to find JOY... That was is my one word
for this year. JOY. Finding JOY in all that I do. I am joining Ann
in counting my 1,000 gifts for 2013. You to can take the JOY Dare.
Just start counting your gifts. Counting your thanksgivings.
This is the month of January...I thought I'd post a month at a time.
I place mine in my sketchbook/journal notebook.

1. Converstations with Princess. Open words that I"ll keep private and in my heart.
2. "Mommy play Candyland with me." Little voices
3. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth--
To New beginnings.
4. Fallen snowbunny that the children created when playing
5. potty chart
6. nachos
7. Thank you Mommy
8. Groceries put in their place
9. Little girl giggles
10. God's love
11. lantern from Heart
12. Women's bible
13. Gifted Bible from a friend
14. Lessons plans
15. smiling children

My favorite vase and amber beads

16. chapstick
17. carrots
18. Trust in the Lord Jesus is my All
19. Dinner running late
20. Giggles when Mom read wrong
21. Hugs
22. Early light from the bathroom window.

23. Why do I hurry look and listen
24. Legos at night
25. Sweet pea
26. Superboys art
27. Grandpa Kenny for supper
28. cucumbers
29. Ice cream
30. Cherry chip cake
31. Yellow color game
32. Lemons
33. Yellow highlighter
34. God my father
35. Green plush sofa
36. Turtle
37. Creativity
38. willing to learn
39. Organized

Not feeling well little girl .

40. Dry 2 days
41. Giggles during game
42. working laptops
43. red pjs
44. gently worn jeans
45. brown sweatshirt
46. Youth kids standing up for one
47. writing beginning to be clear
48. potty trained girl
49. "Mom theres a goat in the attic"
50. Pslam 145
51. quiet
52. Sower of the seed
53. Keep on seeking and you will find
54. I will sing praises to your name.
55. Hamburger soup
56. blankets piled
57. lego idea for Sunday school
Geometry Class

58. snuggles
59. crown necklace
60. drops of water
61.Puffy white clouds
62. snow crystals
63. birth of my children
64. Jeans on my skinny son
65. Table cloth during school
66. fuzzy brown blanket
67. Salvation
68. Grace
69. Wisdom
70. Sweet peas cocoa shirt
71. Sweet peas painting
72. my pen
73. Bible study material
74. found my kindle plug
75. Great Grandmas tea cup cobwebs and all

Great Grandmas teacup cobwebs and all

76. Quiet morning
77. medicine
78.Books on Kindle
79. Apple slicer
80. Crockpot
81. Panera Bread bagels
82. Shared stories among friends
83. shared work
84. encouragment
85. Song Believe
86. I love you
87. Jesus is my Light

Candle to remind me of Jesus Light

88. My home
89. Our love
90. my pillow
91. encouaging card from a friend
92. help cleaning the refridgerator
93. My children.

Warm Blessings,



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