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Friday, January 4, 2013

I"m a Big Girl --- Potty Training

We started out our New Year with one of my goals for this year. To
Potty Train Sweet Pea. She has been ready for awhile but not quite
getting to it. I have potty trained many children over the years. Some of the
kids were easy. Heart and Princess were easy potty trainees. Princess
actually was trained at 9 months. I didn't realize it at the time but later
it would be revealed that she had some sensory issues. So as you can imagine
being wet or messy was something she hated. I started out by sitting her on
the potty every time she was going to get a bath. I did this with her since she
was old enough to sit on it. Every time I'd turn the water on she would go.
When I was ready to potty train her she knew what she was supposed to do.

I tried this tactic later with Spirit but it didn't work as well. It took us till he was
much older to completely train him. He had an immature bladder and couldn't
hold it through the night. He was a sound sleeper too. We used Good nights until
he was ready. Eventually he would wake up dry and we braved it and took them away.

Superboy and Heart were less dramatic about it. It probably only took about a
week to train each of them. They are just doers I guess. Sweet pea she is a whole
other child. Different tactics work for different children. She is the baby of the family
and often is a little emotionally spoiled. (begrudgingly admitting to this)

I found this potty sheet online from pull ups. Some of them charted washing their
hands and pulling up their pants . I just wanted something simple.
This is where I found the Potty Chart. I don't think it was the original link
so I'll send you to  Pull ups. It looks like you are able to create your own
charts form this site. Below is a mini picture of the one we are using. I liked
the game board style since we have been recently into Candy land.

We sat down and talked about wearing her undies. She got Hello Kitty.
I learned this trick from a friend ... I told her that Hello Kitty would be
sad if she got wet. That Cats don't like water and she should be really
careful about getting to the potty. This seemed to work as she did tell me
several times she had to go. We have had a few accidents along the way.
She is still learning after all. She did say mommy Hello Kitty is sad .
I told her it was ok that we would wash him and we would try again.
You don't want to make to big of a deal about accidents or they become
the reward and keep happening.

Today at 6 am Sweet Pea hit her Princess reward. The reward needs to be
something you do right away. If you don't do it right away it isn't really a
reward at 3 years old. So this morning We made our Princess Crown.
If you read my blog you know Sweet pea loves to glue.

Here she is below with her finished chart and the new chart is hanging in the
bathroom for the next round. This time she will get a Princess Tea with Mommy.

I'm not sure how long we will need the Potty chart but we will continue
To use them until she finds her groove.

Warm blessings ,



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