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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goals for a 1st Grader

My First Grader today had the opportunity to Create his own Goal
for 2013. Presenting Goal options for this age is a good idea but can be
a little difficult getting them to choose something.

He was given four options to choose from.

*Improve Reading
* Become Faster With Math facts
* Learn Sight words
* Become a better Writer

I found it interesting that he choose Improve Reading since this is the
easiest subject for him. I guess he choose it because he likes it.

I had him write out his goal onto lined paper. It says in case you can't read it.

My Goal until June is to improve reading.
We put it onto a piece of paper so it looked like it had a frame to make it look
official and added some new years hats. Sweet Pea and Spirit Enjoyed making
the hats so much that we have several. Then we posted it on the Fridge so he
can see his Goal.

Now the big question is how will we improve these skills because honestly
secretly I have plans for him to improve them all. It is good for your children
to have long term goals such as this one and short term goals.

My long term list for Spirit would be all of the above mentioned  statements and
here is how we plan to implement those.

Improve Reading - Fluency Passages, Silent reading, along with regular reading time
daily with a family member

Become faster with math facts- Daily Math Game, Flash cards, and Math Minutes

Learn Sight words- Daily Sight word word work and Flash card activity

Become a Better writer- Daily Journal and Writing Workshop throughout the week.

The great thing about this is no matter what his Goal is he will succeed with the plan
I have set for him before hand.

When Creating Short term goals you want them to be attainable for that
week. This was Spirits list from last week.

* Use punctuation on your sentences
* Read 10 Minutes silently daily
* Learn all of you addition facts to 5
*Learn 4 new sight words

. Write these down on Monday with your child and then look on Friday
and check off the ones he or she completed. For very young children don't make
more than 5 Goals for your child. Five is attainable.  If some aren't complete don't
make to  big deal about it just say. Let's just try this one again for next week.
These little  goals give them the incentive to improve. Something to watch for
when they are working. Plus as you are completing your work when you see
your child not putting punctuation you can refer them to their goals for the week.

This works with older children as well but you can create more
Goals for each subject.

Warm Blessings,



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