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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fluffy White Clouds

Spirit and I have been working on a weather unit. It is turning out to be
really a fun project. I will share more about it a bit later. My camera batteries
need a little charging but for now have a peek at our cloud representation.
He created these to use as he has become a weather forecaster. These cloud
cards will be used in helping him forecast the weather

Cirrus clouds- White, feathery clouds made of ice cyrstals, high in the sky
on a cool day

Cumulus clouds- white, puffy clouds on a sunny day

Cumulonimbus clouds- dark gray clouds that bring heavy storms

Stratus clouds- gray clouds, streatched out low in teh sky; they may bring
for or light rain

We created these by cutting construction paper in half.
We read about each cloud and then he created them with cotton balls
on his blue paper. We labled each one and if they were a storm cloud
we used watercolor paints to make them look gray and stormy.
Then we labeled each one.

Spirit will be using these cards to help him forecast the weather.
Sweet Pea wanted to join in these are hers below.

Warm Blessings


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