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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Family Diary

Dear Family Diary,

                  This week has been amazing. Finally I think we are in a routine. It felt
good to get our school life back on track. Friday I also did a major cleaning jump
in the kitchen. I wish I had taken a before and after picture because it is
a shocking difference. When we first moved in to our home. My 15 year old ended
up putting things away in that area. I have  struggled with the set up for
sometime but didn't want to hurt feelings. Well its been a year  and I'm still
struggling with the set up so I decided it was time to change a few things.
I still have a few cubby areas to work on but I knwo this will work our great when its
completely done. It felt so good afterwards. I cleaned as I went along so the kitchen
also got a major scrub down. I started doing the same in the bathroom. Throwing
out old supplies and cleaning up. Still want to work on those cabinets some
more but its coming.

Saturday was the big day for the week. I sent my kids to my moms while I spent the
day at a local church at a Wellness event. It was wonderful. I learned so much and
recieved a nice little goodie bag . I learned about a lot of local places that sell whole
natural foods that I didn't know about and one in the town next door. I never new.
I haven't gotten to my goodie bag but hope to post for you later this week some of
the links that are universal to wherever you live. It might take me awhile this little
bag is packed. We met in the big mulitpurpose room for an opening and then
divided  into five workshops. Each one having to do with your Mind, Body and
Soul. One was an exercise class, a meditation room from a christian counselor,
Facts about your health from a dietician, Facts from a wholefood seller, and
Bible study . Then we met back to the large room for lunch Catered by a healthy
chef. There was also a live cooking demonstration while we ate. We had question
and answers and then vendor time to look around at the goodies for sale. I went
with a friend which made it even more fun.

Later I came home and set up for Spirits birthday party. He will turn 7 tomorrow.
My mom became sick but my oldest daugher , her boyfriend and my dad came.
Dad left early because mom wasn't feeling well but had a nice evening with all
My kids present. After all of that fun I turned on my Laptop and nothing. The
things is fried. Good thing we have others. That one is going to be fixed.

Sunday we had church services. I had fun supervising this week as it was
someone else turn to teach. Next week is my turn and I'm helping a friend
with a kids group in the evening.

It was a good week and I'm encouarged to begin another.

Warm Blessings,


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