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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Januarys Joy Dare

Counting Joy

I jumped in with both feet to find JOY... That was is my one word
for this year. JOY. Finding JOY in all that I do. I am joining Ann
in counting my 1,000 gifts for 2013. You to can take the JOY Dare.
Just start counting your gifts. Counting your thanksgivings.
This is the month of January...I thought I'd post a month at a time.
I place mine in my sketchbook/journal notebook.

1. Converstations with Princess. Open words that I"ll keep private and in my heart.
2. "Mommy play Candyland with me." Little voices
3. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth--
To New beginnings.
4. Fallen snowbunny that the children created when playing
5. potty chart
6. nachos
7. Thank you Mommy
8. Groceries put in their place
9. Little girl giggles
10. God's love
11. lantern from Heart
12. Women's bible
13. Gifted Bible from a friend
14. Lessons plans
15. smiling children

My favorite vase and amber beads

16. chapstick
17. carrots
18. Trust in the Lord Jesus is my All
19. Dinner running late
20. Giggles when Mom read wrong
21. Hugs
22. Early light from the bathroom window.

23. Why do I hurry look and listen
24. Legos at night
25. Sweet pea
26. Superboys art
27. Grandpa Kenny for supper
28. cucumbers
29. Ice cream
30. Cherry chip cake
31. Yellow color game
32. Lemons
33. Yellow highlighter
34. God my father
35. Green plush sofa
36. Turtle
37. Creativity
38. willing to learn
39. Organized

Not feeling well little girl .

40. Dry 2 days
41. Giggles during game
42. working laptops
43. red pjs
44. gently worn jeans
45. brown sweatshirt
46. Youth kids standing up for one
47. writing beginning to be clear
48. potty trained girl
49. "Mom theres a goat in the attic"
50. Pslam 145
51. quiet
52. Sower of the seed
53. Keep on seeking and you will find
54. I will sing praises to your name.
55. Hamburger soup
56. blankets piled
57. lego idea for Sunday school
Geometry Class

58. snuggles
59. crown necklace
60. drops of water
61.Puffy white clouds
62. snow crystals
63. birth of my children
64. Jeans on my skinny son
65. Table cloth during school
66. fuzzy brown blanket
67. Salvation
68. Grace
69. Wisdom
70. Sweet peas cocoa shirt
71. Sweet peas painting
72. my pen
73. Bible study material
74. found my kindle plug
75. Great Grandmas tea cup cobwebs and all

Great Grandmas teacup cobwebs and all

76. Quiet morning
77. medicine
78.Books on Kindle
79. Apple slicer
80. Crockpot
81. Panera Bread bagels
82. Shared stories among friends
83. shared work
84. encouragment
85. Song Believe
86. I love you
87. Jesus is my Light

Candle to remind me of Jesus Light

88. My home
89. Our love
90. my pillow
91. encouaging card from a friend
92. help cleaning the refridgerator
93. My children.

Warm Blessings,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sick day

Yeah my laptop came today. Boo I'm soo sick I can't enjoy it.
Just stopping in so you know I'm not lost. I'm taking a sick day.
I've got something really not so nice. Can't wait to show you
My lego sunday school lessons.

Visit soon. Going back to bed.
Thursday, January 24, 2013

t.r.i.p. for Kids

Hi everyone. I'm taking a trip with my boys with a Targeted
Reading Improvement program. I recieved my CD and Am ready to
start. This program is for children with Add, Adhd, and dyslexia.
(Adults as well) Trip contains 20 lessons using hand, eye and vocal
exercises. It is very easy to set up. I simply slipped the CD into my
computer and took a look at the video explaining how to present
the material to the children. I really liked watching rather than
reading all of the directions as their teacher/mom It find I read so
Much in a day it was nice change.

 Let me tell you about my students and what their stuggle
might be and their  successes.

This is my Son Superboy he is in the 6th grade. We spent extra time last year
and the year before in 5th grade. So he is almost 13 years old. He has
struggled with reading from the start. He just plain doesn't like it. I had
him tested and he tested genius levels with a touch of dysgraphia. I suspect
a little Dyslexia. His older sister has Dyslexia and has overcome so much
and so does their dad so it runs in the family.

Superboy is working with the Susan Barton reading and Spelling program.
The program has really improved his reading skills but his writing is still
I'll be nice interesting. I know his dysgraphia has a lot to do with that.
I thought we'd give this a try and see if it improves his writing skills.

This is my son Spirit . He is in the 1st grade. He doesn't seem to have
any writing issues . He does do a few reversals but I"m aware that  that is
normal for a first grader. He is enjoying his phonics program but just
when I think he knows his sight words he forgets them again. I
thought I'd allow him to work through the lessons as he learns the
sight words as review. So he will have to move at a slower pace.
Then his brother initially will. Superboy will be able to procede through
the first few rather quickly and then may have some missing link here
and there. This is a good refresher.  I'm hoping that t.r.i.p. comes out
with another Cd with the next set of sigh words common to english
and maybe word families too.

If you'd like to take a peek at  t.r.i.p take a look at the link or
you can visit their Facebook.

This is the first post in a series about t.r.i.p. so keep your
eyes peeled as to our status and how thing are going.

Warm Blessings,


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review.
I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any
other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this
in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Just stopping by for a quick message. My lovely lovely laptop
crashed and I'm making the sad face since you can't see me.
I am sharing with my teens right now and its not going well. If you
have teens you probably know they don't like to share these types
of things with mom. Sooo I will post soon but have to wait for my
laptop to come home. I keep hoping it will come this week. Sigh...

Chat with you all soon.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spaghetti and Meat ball - Sight words

I love the story of Strega Nona. The idea for me of a pot that cooks itself
with words is more that I can handle. I want one so bad . Just order that for
me okay. The story is of an old lady who is deemed the town witch. She
is getting up there in age so she hires a man to take care of the home duties.
The only thing he can't do is touch the proverbial Pot or literal in this case.
Something that is deemed off limits is usually more tempting than if it were
not. He over hears Strega Nona one day chanting over the pot and out
comes her pasta dinner. He is so tempted by his friends who say he didn't
see what he saw and by the don't touch rule that he wants to touch. One day
when the old lady is out he begins the chant only to have missed the three
Kisses at the end to stop the pasta. This mans serves pasta to the town .(at
least he shares) Only it doesn't stop when they are done it keeps coming
and coming. What will happen to this man and all that pasta ?? You have
to read to find out.

After our story time Spirit found a big bowl of paper pasta with meat
ball sight words inside. He used tongues to search for the balls.

When he would find one he would read it to me and then write it on his
wipe board.

Easy and fun sight word practice. This we Love.

Warm blessings ,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shuffle Board Math

Let's Play shuffle board math !!!

Create your board by using painters tape on your kitchen on tile floor.
I placed random numbers on the shuffle board. You can place
any math numbers that you are doing. You could use multiplication
to solve, subtraction, or addition. We practice addition and subtraction.

This is how I set ours up. I had ours between the stove and freezer so
I decided to lay a towel there to protect the "Puck " from doing under
somethings. I also later added on to the door so it wasn't constantly banging
it since daddy was sleeping. (night work) I choose a good distance away
and add a stand here line.

We didn't have a puck so we used a block from the kids block set.
You could also use a lid from a juice container or an actual puck.
We used Sweet peas map and broom as our tool for pushing the puck
across the floor. Any broom or swifter would work. These worked great
for little hands. Sweet played by just trying to get hers onto the triangle.

Each child had two turns or blocks to push. When they landed on a number
we wrote it on a dry erase board. The choose a symbol of math to choose.
Whoever had the higher score won. Since Spirits math is first grade we
would add each round and then start a new game. We used subtraction
symbol later in the game. This was a hit with the kids and we will surely
use it again to work on our basic math facts.

Warm Blessings,


(PS ignore my kids clothing they for some reason think its summer. :)
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Peaceful Passage by Kim West

My thoughts:
I often think of my passage from this life to another. I wonder if I"ll be older
or if it will occur sooner than I think. It is difficult not to think about these things
sometimes. Death is always knocking at our door. I know that when I was younger
I thought I was invincible. Reality is that I am not but when you are young
you think that you can conquer the world. I imagine my passage as beautiful.
Peaceful and full of love. I envision seeing Jesus at his throne and reaching
His hand out to me in recognition. I will yet meet again my loved ones.
I know that my Grandpa will be waiting in the wings and my best friend
Jean will be there to say why did you do this or this and great job on that...
Music will reign through my ears like I have never heard before. Angels
Worshipping God and love spilling right over me.

But wait stop the music what about the before...

About the book:
No one can predict what you will have to go through to get to that peaceful
reign. I am going to jump right to the end of this book but will come back
to the beginning and middle. Kim West shares her journal from the passing of
her Mother in the very back of the book. I am sure it took much courage
to put into print that that is so personal . The journey before her Mother
passed on as seen by those around her. I am sure Kim West that your mom
is very proud of you. You are an encouragement to me.

Taking care of a loved one at home as they embark on this journey
can be very exhausting. I know to well what it is like to care for
a sick loved one. I wish I did not. Our journey did not end
but I learned a lot all the same. In 2009 Daddy was diagnosed with
congestive heart failure and diabetes. This diagnoses changed our lives
forever. Sometimes You never know what will happen does. (read our story
at the link) He is well for now but it is always in the back of my mind
that his heart is failing. Little by little it is giving out. It is a hard thing
to accept. I also had some experience with  parents becoming ill .
My dad had a heart attack and my mom had some scary medical
issues that I'm not at liberty to discuss . Know though that I did a
lot of caring for not to the extent of Kim but enough to realize that
I need to know more. These illnesses caused complete havoc to our
family and to our homeschool days but I would not have said no
to my parents. It was if we were on pause. If any of them wanted to come
home and have care provided there then that is what we would do.

Kim Wests book Peaceful Passage gives you a detailed glimpse into
how to care for your loved one. You will learn how to set up your
loved ones room, details of hospice, ways to keep things clean,
and changing those sheets with your loved one safe and sound .
After each chapter is a workbook for you to place your thoughts
and to get yourself organized.

Here is the back of the book cover for more detail.

I am so glad that I'd don't quite need this book yet but I feel
better having read and been given the information that will be
needed when the time comes to make these difficult decisions.

This book has my thumbs up and will be sitting on my bookshelf
as a future resource. It would also make a great gift for someone
struggling with just this thing. I'm glad I read it before hand so that
I have more of an idea what will happen if we are placed in this
circumstance. It is a must read for those with elderly parents
or family member that is terminally ill.

Kim west has Her PhD in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and her
Master of Divinity in Counseling and Family. You can learn
more about the author on her Website.

You can also find her on Facebook.

If you are interested in purchasing Peaceful Passages you
can find it at Amazon However you will find the best price Here .

Warm Blessings,


I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review.
I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any
other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in
accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

The CWA Review Crew- Christian Women Reviewing
Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Family Diary

Dear Family Diary,

                  This week has been amazing. Finally I think we are in a routine. It felt
good to get our school life back on track. Friday I also did a major cleaning jump
in the kitchen. I wish I had taken a before and after picture because it is
a shocking difference. When we first moved in to our home. My 15 year old ended
up putting things away in that area. I have  struggled with the set up for
sometime but didn't want to hurt feelings. Well its been a year  and I'm still
struggling with the set up so I decided it was time to change a few things.
I still have a few cubby areas to work on but I knwo this will work our great when its
completely done. It felt so good afterwards. I cleaned as I went along so the kitchen
also got a major scrub down. I started doing the same in the bathroom. Throwing
out old supplies and cleaning up. Still want to work on those cabinets some
more but its coming.

Saturday was the big day for the week. I sent my kids to my moms while I spent the
day at a local church at a Wellness event. It was wonderful. I learned so much and
recieved a nice little goodie bag . I learned about a lot of local places that sell whole
natural foods that I didn't know about and one in the town next door. I never new.
I haven't gotten to my goodie bag but hope to post for you later this week some of
the links that are universal to wherever you live. It might take me awhile this little
bag is packed. We met in the big mulitpurpose room for an opening and then
divided  into five workshops. Each one having to do with your Mind, Body and
Soul. One was an exercise class, a meditation room from a christian counselor,
Facts about your health from a dietician, Facts from a wholefood seller, and
Bible study . Then we met back to the large room for lunch Catered by a healthy
chef. There was also a live cooking demonstration while we ate. We had question
and answers and then vendor time to look around at the goodies for sale. I went
with a friend which made it even more fun.

Later I came home and set up for Spirits birthday party. He will turn 7 tomorrow.
My mom became sick but my oldest daugher , her boyfriend and my dad came.
Dad left early because mom wasn't feeling well but had a nice evening with all
My kids present. After all of that fun I turned on my Laptop and nothing. The
things is fried. Good thing we have others. That one is going to be fixed.

Sunday we had church services. I had fun supervising this week as it was
someone else turn to teach. Next week is my turn and I'm helping a friend
with a kids group in the evening.

It was a good week and I'm encouarged to begin another.

Warm Blessings,
Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fluffy White Clouds

Spirit and I have been working on a weather unit. It is turning out to be
really a fun project. I will share more about it a bit later. My camera batteries
need a little charging but for now have a peek at our cloud representation.
He created these to use as he has become a weather forecaster. These cloud
cards will be used in helping him forecast the weather

Cirrus clouds- White, feathery clouds made of ice cyrstals, high in the sky
on a cool day

Cumulus clouds- white, puffy clouds on a sunny day

Cumulonimbus clouds- dark gray clouds that bring heavy storms

Stratus clouds- gray clouds, streatched out low in teh sky; they may bring
for or light rain

We created these by cutting construction paper in half.
We read about each cloud and then he created them with cotton balls
on his blue paper. We labled each one and if they were a storm cloud
we used watercolor paints to make them look gray and stormy.
Then we labeled each one.

Spirit will be using these cards to help him forecast the weather.
Sweet Pea wanted to join in these are hers below.

Warm Blessings

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On A Quest for Christ Book Review and Testimony

Where are you on your spiritual Walk with God? Are you ready to
dig in and find out what all this Bible stuff is all about? Have you been
searching to fill an empty void inside of yourself. Perhaps this book
will help you to find out what you are missing.

The Quest for Christ is a 30 day devotional taking you through
the steps little by little go find your way to Christ.

Who is this book for?This book is for anyone who is ready to search for some answers or it
can also be for seasoned Christians who would like to remind themselves
where their journey so far has taken them.

Structure- How the book is set up
Each devotional begins with a bible verse to set the mood for the topic of
the study. It is followed by a brief devotional and real life experience from
the author Lisa Are Wulf. Next you will find a few questions to dig deeper
into your thoughts and your faith. This section all depends on you, how
far and in depth you want to take it. Then you are rounded out with a few
final thoughts and another verse to carry you along. These devotionals are
simple and easy to complete for those that are limited on time.

My Testimony
This devotional just reaffirmed what I know about my self in relation to God.
Since the book took me back on a relook at my faith I thought
that is was appropriate to give you my testimony. I grew up among a
Christian family. I learned about God early on. My Great Grandfather was
a Pastor of our church. My Parents weren't church goers but my grandparents
went each Sunday. I would often call them and ask them to take me along.
As a little girl I think I was closer to God than I was later in life. I would
attend church, sit in my pew and feel God flowing right over me. It was if
the ceiling opened up and His light came right on me. What happened you
might wonder to that little girl. As time went sin weighed me down. I
listened to the lie that I wasn't good enough for Christ. I stopped going
to church with Grandma in favor of a more world centered life but I really
wasn't happy. I felt this enormous hole in my heart. (Just like Chapter 9
Searching Describes) I began to try to fill that hole with a lot of the
wrong things. When I hit my 20's I realized what it was I was missing. I
remembered sitting at my school desk in elementary school and talking
to God all day as if He were my best friend. Even though I struggled with
friendships in school I was completely at peace with God. I realized that
that was what I had Lost. I had lost my relationship with Him and I wanted
it back. I began reading my bible whole heartedly I had married young. I
would spend my day with a baby on one side and the bible in the other. I
felt so alone in my home so I'd read the verse to this little one and chatter
away to her about my hopes and dreams. I still wasn't quite there. I was
reading the words. I was acting out the life I wanted but I still just didn't
have that connection. Instead of me getting support form my husband I
got the opposite. He decided I was becoming to religious. It became
faith or him. I Choose God. It was a struggle to be a single mom. I felt
even more alone. I wasn't the Christian Quite yet that God wanted but
He had a plan for me . Its funny how He works and moves in your
life when you least expect it. My grandfather became rather ill. I went to
the hospital to see him. When I visited the Pastor was there to pray over
him. I prayed along with them and felt God nudge me one step further.
The Pastor mentioned them needing a nursery supervior at  our
church on Sundays. I worked with children in a childcare center and
thought this was away to make a few extra dollars for my daughter and I.
I accepted the job from the hospital room. As I worked in the church
nursery I met a women who begain to really open my eyes, it felt like
I never left the church. It felt like HOME... Each day I went to church
I became a little closer to God. It didn't happen at speeding light
it happened over time. I decided at some point to begin doing bible
activities with the nursery children. In teaching them the light
began to click in my heart. I was finding Him. I  can pin point
the exact day I felt God's light shine right through me again. God grew
me little by little to hit this one moment and many others after.  A new
youth minitser had joined our church and his dad a minister, came
to speak to the youth. He spoke right to my heart. I looked to that
high sancturay ceiling and felt that familar light. God had never
 me you know. I had left Him. I just wan't open to seeing. Is my
mission done now that I found God again. Absolutely not. It has just
begun. God willing that I lead others through  experiences in life.
I have learned and gown so much since that day. There are so many
stories I could tell you how God worked in my life.
Perhaps another day

If you'd like to read more about Wulf you can drop by her website
A Quest for Christ.  On the top of the page you will find a tool
bar of selections. I searched around and found her blog
One Woman Sanctuary . If you'd like to read one of the devotionals
from her book you will find an exert on her Blog.

You can also follow her on Facebook

You can purchase her book on Amazon . It looks like there is
also a Kindle version available.

Warm Blessings,


I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review.

I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated
in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am
disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
I am part of The CWA Review Crew

The CWA Review Crew- Christian Women Reviewing
Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Family Diary

Dear Blog Friends,

On Sundays I like time with my family and church family. I don't like to have to
think to hard so thought I'd do sort of a look back on our week type of post
and probably without pictures. Like a Dear Diary but  we will call it Dear  Family Diary

This week went by so quickly. I look back on it and we accomplished so much
in what feels like a short amount of time. The kids began getting back into a routine
with their school lessons. It was a bit of a struggle with the little ones. They were
so high energy. I have us on a more rigid schedule this week. There were some
times of the day that I felt so overwhelmed especially with Sweet pea potty training.
She was doing so well and I even posted about it. Then she got tired of it. The
game wore off and so did the staying dry. I put it on hold for the weekend and
we will try again tomorrow. I worked hard on our lesson plans. I feel really good
about what we are doing this year with our lessons. We really are accomplishing so
much work . So much learning is going on. I got in my in box a new curriculum to
review for the littlest member of the family . I'll be adding that in later this week.

Daddy started his first real week of work, training free. He has to wait his 90
day wait period but all is going great for him. He seems so much more relaxed.
I'm glad he finally found this job. It seems to be working for him. Yeah. I have had
to adjust to his new hours. I imagine it will take us all awhile to get used to our
new normal. I have high hopes for all of us.

Saturday we took down our holiday decorations. Everyone helped and it was
down faster than it went up. everything looks so clean now and open. I enjoyed
the holiday decorations but I'm glad to see the house  back to its regular status.

I'm looking forward to this upcoming week and all that we have planned to do.
I am also attending a wellness conference on Saturday and can hardly wait
to go. I"m going with a dear friend and know we will have a good time.

Wishing you all a good up coming week.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goals for a 1st Grader

My First Grader today had the opportunity to Create his own Goal
for 2013. Presenting Goal options for this age is a good idea but can be
a little difficult getting them to choose something.

He was given four options to choose from.

*Improve Reading
* Become Faster With Math facts
* Learn Sight words
* Become a better Writer

I found it interesting that he choose Improve Reading since this is the
easiest subject for him. I guess he choose it because he likes it.

I had him write out his goal onto lined paper. It says in case you can't read it.

My Goal until June is to improve reading.
We put it onto a piece of paper so it looked like it had a frame to make it look
official and added some new years hats. Sweet Pea and Spirit Enjoyed making
the hats so much that we have several. Then we posted it on the Fridge so he
can see his Goal.

Now the big question is how will we improve these skills because honestly
secretly I have plans for him to improve them all. It is good for your children
to have long term goals such as this one and short term goals.

My long term list for Spirit would be all of the above mentioned  statements and
here is how we plan to implement those.

Improve Reading - Fluency Passages, Silent reading, along with regular reading time
daily with a family member

Become faster with math facts- Daily Math Game, Flash cards, and Math Minutes

Learn Sight words- Daily Sight word word work and Flash card activity

Become a Better writer- Daily Journal and Writing Workshop throughout the week.

The great thing about this is no matter what his Goal is he will succeed with the plan
I have set for him before hand.

When Creating Short term goals you want them to be attainable for that
week. This was Spirits list from last week.

* Use punctuation on your sentences
* Read 10 Minutes silently daily
* Learn all of you addition facts to 5
*Learn 4 new sight words

. Write these down on Monday with your child and then look on Friday
and check off the ones he or she completed. For very young children don't make
more than 5 Goals for your child. Five is attainable.  If some aren't complete don't
make to  big deal about it just say. Let's just try this one again for next week.
These little  goals give them the incentive to improve. Something to watch for
when they are working. Plus as you are completing your work when you see
your child not putting punctuation you can refer them to their goals for the week.

This works with older children as well but you can create more
Goals for each subject.

Warm Blessings,


Friday, January 4, 2013

I"m a Big Girl --- Potty Training

We started out our New Year with one of my goals for this year. To
Potty Train Sweet Pea. She has been ready for awhile but not quite
getting to it. I have potty trained many children over the years. Some of the
kids were easy. Heart and Princess were easy potty trainees. Princess
actually was trained at 9 months. I didn't realize it at the time but later
it would be revealed that she had some sensory issues. So as you can imagine
being wet or messy was something she hated. I started out by sitting her on
the potty every time she was going to get a bath. I did this with her since she
was old enough to sit on it. Every time I'd turn the water on she would go.
When I was ready to potty train her she knew what she was supposed to do.

I tried this tactic later with Spirit but it didn't work as well. It took us till he was
much older to completely train him. He had an immature bladder and couldn't
hold it through the night. He was a sound sleeper too. We used Good nights until
he was ready. Eventually he would wake up dry and we braved it and took them away.

Superboy and Heart were less dramatic about it. It probably only took about a
week to train each of them. They are just doers I guess. Sweet pea she is a whole
other child. Different tactics work for different children. She is the baby of the family
and often is a little emotionally spoiled. (begrudgingly admitting to this)

I found this potty sheet online from pull ups. Some of them charted washing their
hands and pulling up their pants . I just wanted something simple.
This is where I found the Potty Chart. I don't think it was the original link
so I'll send you to  Pull ups. It looks like you are able to create your own
charts form this site. Below is a mini picture of the one we are using. I liked
the game board style since we have been recently into Candy land.

We sat down and talked about wearing her undies. She got Hello Kitty.
I learned this trick from a friend ... I told her that Hello Kitty would be
sad if she got wet. That Cats don't like water and she should be really
careful about getting to the potty. This seemed to work as she did tell me
several times she had to go. We have had a few accidents along the way.
She is still learning after all. She did say mommy Hello Kitty is sad .
I told her it was ok that we would wash him and we would try again.
You don't want to make to big of a deal about accidents or they become
the reward and keep happening.

Today at 6 am Sweet Pea hit her Princess reward. The reward needs to be
something you do right away. If you don't do it right away it isn't really a
reward at 3 years old. So this morning We made our Princess Crown.
If you read my blog you know Sweet pea loves to glue.

Here she is below with her finished chart and the new chart is hanging in the
bathroom for the next round. This time she will get a Princess Tea with Mommy.

I'm not sure how long we will need the Potty chart but we will continue
To use them until she finds her groove.

Warm blessings ,

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Every Matters Bible for Women (NLT)

I am so excited to be able to reveiw a Bible for CWA. It came just in
time to begin my Bible Challenge to read the bible on a daily basis. I have never used
the NLT Translastion before but it has made reading very easy for this busy mom.
If you are already very familiar with the Bible then nothing will be lost in the
translation.I do still like to tote around by intense Study Bible a dear friend gifted me
but I like this one for my yearly reading plan and have been keeping it by my bed.
I like my study bible for church services because I have a guide if I'm unsure of a
particular meaning.

Every day Matters Bible for Women works best for my daily readings.
I read my readings each night before I tuck myself in. It has been working fabulously.
 A girl can't have enough bibles you know. If you are interested I chose this Year
weekly  Bible Reading Plan . I like how it is laid out. You are given your reading
plan for the week instead of daily. So if one particular day I want to read more I can
Or if its a busy day I can just read a few chapters but I can also see my end reading
goal for that week. I'm able to accomplish it more readily. Now let me tell you more
about the features of this Bible.

"This Bible introduces 24 Spiritual Practices." Each practice is represented
by an Icon. You will find in the beginning of the Bible a brief description of the
meaning of each of these color coated icons. In the back of the bible you will find
an index of the icons. There is a broader description listed and bible verses you can
look up relating to that particular practice. You will also find these icons throughout
the bible along with a devotional from one of  140 well known Christian Writers.
Such as : Kay Warren, Priscilla Shirer, Elisa Morgan, Nancy &
John Ortberg, Richard Foster, Liz Curtis Higgs, and Lauren Winner.

You can peek at the color icons in the photo above. They are acceptance, meditation,
celebration, community, confession, contemplation, faith, fasting, forgiveness, gratitude,
hospitatliy, justice, mentoring, outreach, prayer, Reconciliation, sabbath and rest,
service, silence, simplicity, solitude, stewardship, submission and worship.


Now each on of these practices is explored in 4 different articles throughout
your Bible. It depends on you how you want to use them. I tend to pick a few
up here and there as I'm reading along but if there is something particular you
are wanting to study you could look them up in the index.

Everyday Matters- 2 key articles that focus on the Key aspects of
that particular icon

Everyday Profiles- stories of women from the Bible who face many
challenges just like women today

Everyday Relections- Show you how to apply Gods word to your life

Everyday Q &A -Answers to important questions of faith

Everyday Matters Bible for Women, New Living Translation,
2nd Edition, Hardcover 
bookstores and major retailers for $27.49.

You can find it at Amazon, Christian Books ,Local Retailers

If you would like more information about the Bible you can find it on it

Publishers Website , Like it on Facebook ,
or what others are Talking about on Twitter

What I liked most about this Bible:

* The pages didn't feel brittle and are easy to turn
* The reading is easy especially when you are tired
* Devotionals easily readable and not to intense for an evening read.

Warm Blessings,


I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review.

I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated
in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am
disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
I am part of The CWA Review Crew

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Naming of a Year...

I read an article recently from A Holy Experience
about naming your year. I thought about this a lot and have noticed
other bloggers out there  naming their  year with one word.
I thought to myself what would I want to name 2013 if given a chance
to place a HOPE to my year. What would my blessing be?

When I look back on 2012 I think of all the little moments of happiness that
outweighed any of the struggle. Sometimes I feel like I'm wading through
but then those little moments happen. You know the ones I speak of.

The times when you hear your little one singing Twinkle little star and you
pause to just hear it with the biggest smile on your face.


Or when your little one tells the older brother he is her "Best Friend",
listening from your bed the little giggles from the other room.

When you are talking to your son through his puppet and you
realize it
and smile wide.
Those are Moments I look for. Those filled with
complete and utter JOY. No matter how hard I struggle no matter
what comes my way. I can always look to the little things and I'm able
to find that Peace that God has left me.

I've gotten in such a terrible habit. Its the habit of hurry. We have to hurry
to finish our assignments and hurry to clean up. I wonder why.
I don't want my children remembering me hurrying through I want them
To pause and remember that smile. That sweet moment of satisfaction.
The one when you know you are loved by God and by your family.
I want them to feel that comforting support. This is something I can gift them.

My word is a simple three letter word with soo much meaning.


God wants us to have Joy in our lives. He wants us to have it even in
trials and that is what I want to bring to our family life. Joy in it all.
On Mondays I will be participating in the Joy Dare for 2013 from Holy
Experience. You will find me beginning to count my 1,000 gifts each day till
2014. I will fill my Mondays with JOY, bliss, Exultation, gladness and delight

We will fill our hearts with God's Joy.

I couldn't stop though with the one word of Joy. I wanted an entire
verse to reinforce this Year full to the top.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and
peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit
you may abound in hope.

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven.” ~ C. S. Lewis

Warm Blessings,


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