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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Have you been looking for a way to help show your support to
the Sandy Hook Elementary? The PTSA has asked for families and schools
to send snowflakes to help cheer up the children at Sandy Hook.
All Snowflakes should be mailed by January 12 to

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway,
Building 12, Suite 103,
Hamden, CT  06514

Please no words only sparkle and glitter.
Pass the word on and lets Create a WinterWonder Land for the children.

How about a round of Snowflake resources:

Many years ago through scholastics I purchased a book on how
To make snowflakes. I still have this book today. It has simple patterns
in to create really fancy flakes. You can find this book at Amazon . The
Heart Of Wisdom has some easy directions for making coffee filter snowflakes

You could add a little color to them like the ones at Artful Parent

Maybe you'd like to try your hand at some popcicle stick snowflakes from

Or love these pipe cleaner snowflakes from Frugal Fun for Boys

Pre K and Sharing  shows you how to try your hand at the beaded snowflakes
like the ones we created above or some more coffee filter inspirations

Maybe you want to add a snowman head to your snowflake like the ones

 You can cut some scraps of white paper into shapes and
create these paste together Snowflakes

Possibly you want to go big and create these Large 3-D snowflakes

Warm Blessings all,

Please Share your flakes and spread the word



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