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Friday, December 28, 2012

One Funny Family 2012

Kids say the funniest things and we seem to have our share

of funny moments. These are a few from my personal journal.

 We were one Funny Family in 2012....

Get ready to chuckle your way through the Year...

Chicken Karaoke

My 3 year old and I are playing bubbles at 4 am.
Someone forgot to tell her that its a little early for that.
Never mind though shes all smiles and giggles.


Spirit. Mom wheres the scissors....
Mom- I don't know.
Well you should know your the one cleaning up every 5 minutes

"Hey mom watch this" "hey mommy watch this"
"watch this mom" " watch this mom"
How am I supposed to get ready for church
if I can't stop watching.

Conversation with Sweet Pea this morning.
Sweet Pea -Mommy wheres daddy I can't find him.
Me- He got home really late last night and missed you. He
had to go back early this morning.
Sweet Pea- Looks around..... I guess I just have to go on.
(She meant look around more but still soo funny)

Another Sweet Pea  story. She says Mommy read me a story.
She means tell me a story. I usually tell her little made up stories about
her and the boys playing. Then she adds her part. I tell her that they go
out and build a tree house. She says they go down a slide but
Superboy doesn't fit and they have to get a bigger slide.. Hee hee.. So I
say that they slide into a pool and swim swim. She says
they swim with the animals. Then I tell her they go out and
pick up walnuts. (something the kids do a lot) She says Yep and
I paint them pink.  Such a Princess.

Nov. 5 2012  From Heart Via Facebook Todays the day when my
mom is EXACTLY double my age.... :P Love you

Today we are celebrating 50 days in school. I gave the kids
badges that said I am 50 days smarter. My son dear sweet
one says I'm 40 years smarter.  Is that a compliment. umm not sure.

Soooo I find my toddler wrapping herself in toilet paper and she says
She wants to be a mummy. Spirit says mom shes trying to wrap herself like
the game at the party . I said you want to be a mummy Sweetie and
she says Yes I want to be a "mummy" just like you. Tooo funny.

Brushing my hair.... Mommy your so Beautiful...
Thank you Sweet Pea. You are so Beautiful too...... I know....

I took Sweet Pea out of the Bath and get her dressed. I say your
all set.... She says Thank you Mommy. I get thanks for giving
baths.  Such a sweetie.

Look Mommy I'm a Fire Cheek by Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea this morning: Superboy Superboy (She always says his name
twice for some reason) Your my best friend.

Mom:  Superboy why are you spelling Money - Monkey

Superboy: I don't know guess I was thinking about Monkeys.

Daddy: Sweet pea you could use a haircut. Would you like
 it if I take you to the beauty shop?

Sweet Pea: Mommy Daddy wants me to be beautiful.

Sweet Pea: Mommy is it morning yet? (she asks every day)
Mommy :mmmhmmm

Sweet Pea: YYYEeeeeeesssssss

Sweet Pea  twirls around kitchen
Spirit: Sweet Pea what are you doing?
Sweet Pea: Dancing with my Girls.

Mom - I feel like the problem answer solver today.
Whose next.....?

Sweet Pea--- Mommy don't brush my hair. Don't brush my
hair and get my ankles. (tangles)

 Baby Wipes

All was quiet not a sound. Each child was working on their school lessons
and Sweet little Sweet pea is playing with her kitchen and dolls. All is silent
and Princess says .... Where is Sweet Pea. I find her doing her laundry which
happens to be all that is left of my baby wipes.  It's one of those type of days.

Working this morning with Spirit on maps and continents as
he is drawing a page in his history notebook. Sweet Pea asks for one too.
So I get her a notebook to draw in. She calls me and says Mom
Mom I can't draw Afcara

Quote by Superboy"I thought 2% milk meant two below
  Love you buddy.

Rock Party

Spirit wants to dress as Jesus for Halloween and hand out bread and Swedish fish.

I took Superboy with me to the store yesterday in his bright
green shirt and yellow shorts. I turned the radio up loud to
his favorite country station and he put his head out the window
wiggling his head to the beat.

We get to the store and as I'm walking across the lot he keeps putting
his hand out to stop me from walking.
"So I don't get flat like a pancake"
Hes a good kid .
It was nice to spend time with just him. They all need that one
on one time even if its the grocery store and Buddy thanks for watching out for me.

The boys are out back whacking dandelion seed puffs with golf clubs and tennis racquet's.

Spirit Mommy... What.... Knock knock...... who's there..... Thanks......
Thanks who.....(waiting for another odd response he is not typically
good at making these things up)..........Thanks for being my mom. SMILE :)
Its going to be a good day.

Literally Climbing the walls.....

Mom -
Does it mean I'm getting old when my lip gloss of choice is blistex. Warm Blessing everyone.


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  1. Wishing you blessings in 2013! Following from the crew.


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