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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Goals for 2013

This year I feel like I'd like to make some changes in my life.
I have worked hard to make the ones that I already have placed in my path as
goals . They have been little changes one at a time until they became a habit.
Habits are usually looked on as being a bad thing but some habits are good
to keep. For example last year I worked really hard to add more water
to my daily diet. I lost 35lbs by only changing what I drank and I changed
the type of oils we use. Little change but big results.

I also wanted more spiritual time with God. I started a Good Morning Girls
bible study group on Facebook and dug into my first study. I found
the Soap website which has made it easier for me to complete each morning.
I also joined CWA Review Crew which has given me a never ending supply
of resources for study. The more I read the more I take and hold in my heart.

Health Goal
This year I have plans to add on to what I have already started. I'd really like to learn
more how to prepare food in a healthy way. I already have plans to attend a
wellness event in our area at a local church. Ultimate Wellness
It's not just about the weight itself but how I feel about changing my life
for God in more ways than one.

Goal # 1 Learn to eat and prepare Healthy foods.
Goal # 2  Try at least 2 new recipes per month

It has been imperative for one of my children in particular to exercise daily.
The goal from the Doctor is to exercise at least an hour per day. I feel that this
is a goal that I can help this child meet by adding it into our school time and joining
in to have a healthier Mom too. It's really time for these changes.

Goal #3 One hour per day of Exercise

Spiritual Goal
I have enjoyed the Good Morning Girls study so much that I have planned to participate
again this time around. Sign up begins today. The study is on Luke which is the same thing
We are doing with our Sunday school Children. I like how that ties together. We will
be using The Dig for Kids  I also have vowed to  memorize 100 Bible Verses
by 2013 and stick to a 1 year weekly bible reading plan on top of Good morning
girls study. I don't think this will be a difficult goal. I know it might seem like it would be
but I have created a habit of picking up my bible first thing in the morning. I think that
habit is going to take me far in my studies.

Goal #4  - Bible Study with Good Morning Girls
Goal #5 - Memorize 100 Bible verses
Goal #6 - 1 year bible reading plan

Organize Me GoalOne thing I have always prided myself in was being organized. Our homeschool
plans are laid out fabulously but since we moved I feel like so many things just
aren't where I want them. We have somehow gotten to much stuff.
I plan this year to get organized and declutter. I also want
to create a Christmas binder because this years
Christmas was not planned at all. I don't want to be found that
way again. It was emotionally sad for me to have missed so much.

Goal #7 Declutter the house room by room
Goal #8 Create that Christmas binder

Teaching/ Parenting GoalsI still haven't quite tackled that potty training with Sweet Pea. She has good
and bad days with it. My goal is to get her out of those diapers. I know this
will come but I know she is ready shes just so laid back about getting it done.

#9 Potty Train Sweet Pea
Lately Spirit has been lightly smacking his siblings when he is upset. Its not
a as hard as you can hit but its a hit all the same and this mom doesn't like it.
I have created a behavior chart for him for the new year to motivate good behavior.
I feel like we are sort of sitting on this bad habit and It needs to be dealt with.

#10 Good behavior  rewards for good childrenI also want to encourage my teens to find the thing that they enjoy doing the most.
My son has really gotten into making puppets. Not so much in the puppetry itself
but in the construction of puppets. He has been making some amazing guys. I want
To really encourage that self expression in him.

#11 Encourage creativity in Superboy
Last one ... Princess is trying to decide what she would like to do as she
gets older. I'd like to introduce her to a few ideas this upcoming year. I want
to show her some of her options and have her really dig into the idea of choosing
a path for herself.

#12 Lead my children on their career path of choices.

I really feel that all of these goals are accessable and I'm ready to get started.

I'm ready to welcome in 2013.

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Warm blessings


  1. Looks like you've got some really good goals set. I think I'm going to make me a goal list. You've inspired me! :)

  2. I like your organization of goals! I also have Scripture memory as one of my goals this year. It's something I haven't done regularly lately.

  3. What great goals you have set for yourself and family this coming year. I love the way you have shared your heart on each one. I wish you the great success in all your endevours this year. Be blessed!


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