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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This week was our first Sunday in Advent. I have been
Participating in the Good Morning Girls Advent study and
started a little group of women on Facebook Group to go along with
the study together. All are welcome. I found that in participating
with the study this Sunday when I sat before those candles with
the little children wide eyed beside me that is ment so much more than
it had to me at previous lightings. This was just what I was looking for
Meaning in this crazy holiday season.

Exert from the Bible study group:
I really wanted to ponder what Hope means to me. God has given
so many wonderful gifts sitting with this one is so deep and powerful.
When you combine them all together they make up this miraculous giving.
When I think of Hope I think of the hope for life, the hope for my childrens
futures, the hope of our family, the hope of happiness and Grace.
The HOPE I have in Jesus Christ. This is the big one because of
Him I have a future life. I know that happiness more than I
can describe will one day come. It is just one of those awe inspiring
things that as you think about it you are without words.
Jesus came into this world to teach others about God and all that is
Holy. His own people turned him away but others did believe.
I BELIEVE  In Him.I have no doubt that God exists. I am a child of God. I
want to hold that transformation in my life. To join the family of
God Is an honor , one I don't take lightly

There have been so many times in my life that I could see God working
in me. He is there. When I was a little girl and would attend church
services with my grandma. My parents were not active in the church.
I would turn my face to the rafters and feel God wash right over me
and make me new. I have alway been lucky enough to feel Him. I
just absolutely know he is there. There have been so many amazing
stories that I could tell within my life. I am sure many of you have
stories you could share too.
I have posted a few times on my blog here about how God has
answered prayer take a look at Trust in the Lord if you would like to
know more or He is Here.

If you follow my blogspot you might know that it is a little over 3 years ago
 that Daddy was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and diabetes.
He was off work to heal his heart as much as he possibly could for one
year. After that time he was released with work restrictions back to
the lumber company he worked for . A few months later he was laid
off this time instead of a medical leave it was for lack of work. We struggled
through on unemployment and when that ran out he took a temporary
job that was a lot of work probably more than he should have been doing
hitting sometimes 70 hours a week. Just Friday we got the news that
he got a New Full Time Job. This week he has gone through orientations
and later this week training. We are going to have to struggle through
Christmas But God has answered our Prayers. It is right there we
just have to be patient and wait a little bit longer.

During this time I have been angry sometimes with God but I would
never turn from him. I wanted to pray God just have this work out the
way I wanted. I forced myself to pray God whatever is your will, so
hard to do when you have little children at your feet. I'd look at them
lovingly and feel so bad that this was happening to them. They were
completely unaware but I could feel it in the room huge on my chest.
In my heart. As I would pray God would release me from that.
He would give me peace. He had to teach me a few times since
I'm stubborn like that but God in the end and Always is my All and All.

He was , is , always will be my HOPE.

Not just from things of this world but my HOPE from this struggle
called life to the life he wants me to LIVE

Warm Blessings



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